Sports Related Words in Slovenian

Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities, not just for travel and work but also for exploring new cultures and interests, such as sports. If you’re an English speaker interested in learning Slovenian, knowing how to discuss sports can be incredibly useful, especially given the popularity of various sports in Slovenia. This article will guide you through essential sports-related words and phrases in Slovenian, helping you to expand your vocabulary and improve your conversational skills in this beautiful language.

General Sports Vocabulary

Let’s start with some basic terms that are essential for discussing sports in general. The Slovenian word for “sport” is “šport”. If you want to talk about a specific type of sport, you generally just add the specific sport to the word “šport”. For example, “football” in Slovenian is “nogomet”, so “football sport” would be “nogometni šport”.

“Rad igram nogomet.” (I like to play football.)

Another useful term is “igralec” (player), which can be used for players of any sport. For a female player, you would use “igralka”.

“Ona je odlična košarkarska igralka.” (She is an excellent basketball player.)

Specific Sports

Moving on to more specific sports, basketball, which is quite popular in Slovenia, is called “košarka”.

“Košarka je zelo priljubljena v Sloveniji.” (Basketball is very popular in Slovenia.)

If you’re into winter sports, you might be interested to know that “smučanje” means “skiing”, and considering Slovenia’s alpine landscape, this sport is widely enjoyed during the winter months.

“Ta vikend gremo smučat na Krvavec.” (This weekend we are going skiing at Krvavec.)

Cycling, or “kolesarjenje”, is another sport enjoyed by many Slovenians, given the country’s scenic routes and cycling-friendly infrastructure.

“Kolesarjenje po Ljubljani je zabavno.” (Cycling around Ljubljana is fun.)

Equipment and Apparel

Talking about sports also involves discussing the equipment and apparel used. The general term for “equipment” in Slovenian is “oprema”, and “apparel” is referred to as “oblačila”.

“Potrebujem novo opremo za tenis.” (I need new tennis equipment.)

For specific items, such as “sneakers” or “sports shoes”, you would use “športni copati”.

“Kupila sem nove športne copate za tek.” (I bought new sneakers for running.)

Going to the Gym

If you’re a gym enthusiast, knowing how to discuss your gym routine in Slovenian can be very useful. The word for “gym” is “telovadnica”, but often people just say “fitnes”, which is a borrowed word from English.

“Trikrat na teden grem v fitnes.” (I go to the gym three times a week.)

Discussing your workout might include mentioning specific exercises like “dvigovanje uteži” (weightlifting) or “tek” (running).

“V fitnesu najraje dvigujem uteži.” (I prefer weightlifting at the gym.)

Team Sports and Competitions

Team sports are called “moštveni športi” in Slovenian. If you’re watching or discussing a sports game, knowing terms like “tekma” (match) and “prvenstvo” (championship) can be handy.

“Gledal bom tekmo med Slovenijo in Italijo.” (I will watch the match between Slovenia and Italy.)

For those interested in championships or leagues, knowing how to say “World Cup” (“svetovno prvenstvo”) could make conversations with locals more engaging.

“Slovenija se je uvrstila na svetovno prvenstvo.” (Slovenia qualified for the World Cup.)


Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just looking to expand your vocabulary, knowing these sports-related terms in Slovenian will not only enhance your language skills but also help you connect more with local culture and events. Sports are a universal language and can be a fantastic way to engage with native speakers and practice your new language skills in a fun and dynamic setting. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be able to discuss šport in Slovenian like a pro!

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