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Sports and fitness vocabulary in Finnish

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Learning a new language can be as thrilling as getting fit or engaging in sports. And if you’re passionate about such physical activities, incorporating Finnish sports and fitness vocabulary into your lexicon might just make your learning experience more relatable and effective. Here’s a curated list of important Finnish terms with their definitions and example sentences to help you convey your enthusiasm for sports and fitness in suomea (Finnish).

Meaning: Sports
Lapset rakastavat erilaisia urheilulajeja.
Children love various kinds of sports.

Meaning: Gym
Käyn kuntosali viisi kertaa viikossa.
I go to the gym five times a week.

Meaning: To practice
Hän harjoittelee jalkapalloa joka ilta.
He practices football every evening.

Meaning: Fitness
Hyvä kunto auttaa sinua pysymään terveenä.
Good fitness helps you stay healthy.

Meaning: Team
Hänen joukkueensa voitti mestaruuden.
His team won the championship.

Meaning: Coach
Valmentaja on hyvin ylpeä tiimistään.
The coach is very proud of his team.

Meaning: Competition
Kilpailu oli todella tiukka tänä vuonna.
The competition was really tough this year.

Meaning: Gymnastics
Voimistelu vaatii paljon harjoittelua ja tarkkuutta.
Gymnastics requires a lot of practice and precision.

Meaning: Sport (specific type)
Mikä on lempilajisi?
What is your favorite sport?

Meaning: Exercise, Physical activity
Liikunta on tärkeää mielen ja kehon hyvinvoinnille.
Exercise is important for the well-being of the mind and body.

Meaning: Practice, Training session
Meillä on harjoitus joka aamu.
We have practice every morning.

Meaning: Goal (in sport)
Hän teki maalin viimeisellä minuutilla.
He scored a goal in the last minute.

Meaning: Player
Hän on yksi joukkueensa parhaista pelaajista.
She is one of the best players on her team.

Meaning: Endurance, Stamina
Maratoonari tarvitsee erinomaista kestävyyttä.
A marathoner needs excellent endurance.

Meaning: To stretch
On tärkeää venytellä ennen urheilua.
It’s important to stretch before doing sports.

Meaning: To train, to work out
Hän treenaa triathlonille kolme tuntia päivässä.
He trains for the triathlon three hours a day.

Meaning: Championship
Heidän tiiminsä voitti jääkiekon mestaruuden.
Their team won the ice hockey championship.

Meaning: Swimming
Uinti on hänen lempiharrastuksensa.
Swimming is his favorite hobby.

Meaning: Strength training
Voimaharjoittelu auttaa rakentamaan lihaksia ja kestävyyttä.
Strength training helps build muscles and endurance.

Learning sports and fitness vocabulary in Finnish not only enriches your language skills but also opens up opportunities for more social interactions and cultural experiences. Whether you’re discussing your favorite laji, planning to visit a kuntosali, or explaining your harjoitus routine, these words will make your conversations flow effortlessly. So, embrace the Finnish spirit of ‘sisu’ – determination, bravery, and resilience – in both your language learning and fitness journey!

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