Spanish Words Related to Food and Dining

Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities, and for food enthusiasts, being able to navigate a dining experience in Spanish can be as satisfying as the cuisines themselves. From ordering a meal at a restaurant to discussing food preferences, knowing key Spanish vocabulary related to food and dining is essential. Here’s a list of Spanish words and phrases that will help you communicate effectively while enjoying the gastronomy of Spanish-speaking cultures.

La Comida
La Comida means “food” or “meal” in Spanish. It is a fundamental word used when talking about eating, whether you’re hungry and looking for something to eat or discussing food in general.

¿Qué tipo de comida te gusta más?

El Menú
El Menú refers to “the menu” in a restaurant setting. When seated at a restaurant, you’ll ask for the menu to see what dishes are available to order.

Por favor, ¿me puede traer el menú?

El Plato
El Plato can mean “plate” or “dish” and refers to both the physical item you eat from and a specific food preparation.

El plato del día es una paella valenciana.

El Postre
El Postre translates to “dessert.” It’s the sweet course that usually comes at the end of a meal.

Para el postre, quiero el pastel de chocolate.

El Camarero/La Camarera
El Camarero (masculine) or La Camarera (feminine) means “waiter” or “waitress.” They are the staff members at a restaurant who take your order and serve your food.

La camarera nos recomendó el plato especial de la casa.

La Cuenta
La Cuenta means “the bill” or “check” in a restaurant. After your meal, you will ask for “la cuenta” to pay for what you’ve ordered.

¿Podemos tener la cuenta, por favor?

El Desayuno
El Desayuno is “breakfast” in Spanish, the first meal of the day, often consumed in the morning.

El desayuno está incluido con la habitación del hotel.

El Almuerzo
El Almuerzo means “lunch,” which is typically a midday meal. In many Spanish-speaking cultures, this can be the main meal of the day.

¿Qué hay para el almuerzo hoy?

La Cena
La Cena translates to “dinner” or “supper,” the evening meal that is often lighter in Spanish-speaking countries than lunch.

La cena será a las ocho de la noche.

Los Entremeses
Los Entremeses refers to “appetizers” or “starters.” These are small dishes served before the main course.

De entremeses, pedimos unas tapas variadas.

Las Bebidas
Las Bebidas means “beverages” or “drinks.” This term encompasses everything from water and soft drinks to alcoholic beverages.

¿Cuál es su selección de bebidas alcohólicas?

El Vino
El Vino is the word for “wine.” Knowing this word is especially useful when dining in regions known for their winemaking.

Me gustaría una copa de vino tinto, por favor.

La Propina
La Propina translates to “tip.” In many Spanish-speaking countries, tipping is customary, and this word will come in handy when showing appreciation for service.

¿Es costumbre dejar propina en este país?

This list is just the beginning of numerous Spanish terms related to food and dining, but mastering these basics will significantly enhance your dining experiences and interactions. Whether you’re a language learner, a traveler, or someone who enjoys exploring different cultures through cuisine, knowing these words can help make every meal an enjoyable linguistic adventure. ¡Buen provecho!

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