Spanish Words for Sports and Fitness

Learning a new language opens the door to a fresh culture, and what better way to dive into a culture than through sports and fitness? Whether you are a sports enthusiast or just looking to expand your vocabulary, understanding the Spanish terms for various sports and fitness-related activities can be both fun and useful. Here is a list of common Spanish words and phrases that will help you talk about sports and fitness like a native speaker.

This word means “sport” in Spanish and is used to refer to any athletic activity that involves a set of rules or customs.
El fútbol es el deporte más popular en muchos países hispanohablantes.

The term “ejercicio” translates to “exercise” in English. It’s any activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.
Hago ejercicio todos los días para mantenerme en forma.

A “gimnasio” is a gym – the place where you go to get fit, workout, and maybe even take a fitness class.
Voy al gimnasio cuatro veces a la semana para levantar pesas.

Known as “soccer” in the United States, “fútbol” is arguably the most popular sport in the Spanish-speaking world.
Mi hermano juega al fútbol en el equipo de la universidad.

This is the Spanish word for “basketball.” It’s another team sport that’s quite popular globally.
El baloncesto es muy popular en España, especialmente en la Liga ACB.

“Entrenamiento” means “training.” It refers to the process of engaging in activities that improve skills or fitness.
El entrenamiento para la maratón es riguroso y requiere disciplina.

To “run” in Spanish is “correr.” This is a basic verb that’s handy for discussing one of the most common forms of exercise.
Me gusta correr en la playa temprano por la mañana.

The word “natación” stands for “swimming,” a full-body workout and also an Olympic-level sport.
La natación es excelente para la salud cardiovascular.

“Ciclismo” translates to “cycling,” which is both a competitive sport and a way to stay fit.
El ciclismo es una de mis actividades favoritas los fines de semana.

The Spanish term for “yoga” remains the same. This ancient practice is known for its benefits on mental and physical health.
El yoga ayuda a mejorar la flexibilidad y a reducir el estrés.

“Musculación” refers to weight or strength training, which focuses on building muscle mass and strength.
Incluyo la musculación en mi rutina para aumentar la fuerza.

This translates to “trainer” or “coach,” the person who guides you through your fitness routine or sports training.
Mi entrenador me preparó un plan de entrenamiento personalizado.

The word “equipo” translates to “team.” It’s an important term in sports that rely on a group of players.
Cada jugador del equipo tiene un rol importante.

Competencia” means “competition.” Sports by nature involve competing to see who has better skill, speed, or strength.
La competencia entre estos dos tenistas es siempre emocionante de ver.

Lastly, “partido” stands for a “game” or “match.” It’s used to describe the event in which a sport is played between two teams or individuals.
Vamos a ver el partido de fútbol esta noche.

Equipped with these words, you’ll be able to discuss your favorite sports and fitness activities with Spanish speakers, follow sports commentary, or simply enhance your Spanish vocabulary for everyday conversations. As with all language learning, practice is key – use these terms regularly to become more familiar with them and to improve your fluency. ¡Buena suerte y mantente activo!

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