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Spanish Words for Clothing and Fashion

Spanish, with its rich culture and vibrant fashion scenes in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, has influenced global style and aesthetics. If you’re learning Spanish and have an interest in clothing and fashion, understanding the relevant terminology will enhance both your language skills and your appreciation of Spanish-speaking cultures. Below are some essential Spanish words for clothing and fashion along with their definitions and examples in sentences.

Ropa simply means “clothes” in Spanish. It’s a general term used for any kind of garment.
Voy de compras para comprar ropa nueva para el verano.

A vestido is a “dress.” This word is often used to describe a woman’s garment that is one piece and hangs straight from the shoulders.
Ella llevaba un vestido rojo elegante en la fiesta.

Pantalones are what English speakers would call “pants” or “trousers.”
Necesito pantalones nuevos para el trabajo.

Camisa translates to “shirt” and typically refers to a shirt with buttons, a collar, or long sleeves.
Prefiero llevar camisa y corbata para las reuniones de negocios.

Camiseta is a “t-shirt” and refers to a casual shirt without buttons that’s often short-sleeved.
Hace mucho calor, así que voy a ponerme una camiseta y shorts.

Zapatos means “shoes” and encompasses all types of footwear.
Mis zapatos nuevos son muy cómodos y perfectos para caminar.

Traje is a “suit,” which generally means a jacket and trousers or a skirt in matching fabric.
Compré un traje azul marino para la entrevista de trabajo.

A falda refers to a “skirt.”
Ella lleva una falda plisada con una blusa blanca.

Chaqueta means “jacket,” an outer garment typically extending either to the waist or the hips.
Debido al frío, me puse una chaqueta gruesa al salir.

An abrigo is a “coat,” usually heavier than a jacket and intended for cold weather.
No olvides tu abrigo, va a nevar más tarde.

Moda translates to “fashion.” It pertains to the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior.
Siempre me gusta estar al tanto de las últimas tendencias de la moda.

Accesorios are “accessories,” which refer to items that are added to clothing for style or practical purposes, such as scarves, belts, or jewelry.
Los accesorios pueden cambiar completamente el aspecto de un atuendo.

Estilo means “style” – it pertains to the way in which something is designed, especially in reference to clothing and fashion sense.
Ella tiene un estilo único que siempre capta la atención de todos.

Talla is “size” in the context of clothing measurements.
¿Cuál es tu talla de zapatos para que te pueda comprar estos tenis?

Desfile de moda
Desfile de moda translates to “fashion show,” which is an event where models display clothing from a particular designer, collection, or store.
El desfile de moda de esta noche presentará la nueva colección primaveral.

A diseñador/a is a “designer” – someone who creates new clothing or fashion styles.
Ella es una diseñadora famosa con su propia línea de ropa.

Understanding these words will not only bolster your Spanish vocabulary but also help to navigate shopping trips, follow fashion trends, and converse about outfits with Spanish-speaking friends. Clothing and fashion are significant aspects of culture, and knowing these terms will help immerse you in the Spanish language more deeply. ¡Buena suerte en tu viaje de aprendizaje del español y la moda!