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Social Media and Internet Phrases in Azerbaijani

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In an increasingly digital age, social media and internet jargon are becoming a crucial part of daily communication, especially for language learners. If you’re delving into Azerbaijani, here’s a list of common phrases and buzzwords that’ll keep you up to speed when browsing Azerbaijani-speaking corners of the internet.

Beğenmek means “to like”. On social media, this term is used when you find something enjoyable or agreeable.
Bu postu çox beğendim.

Paylaşmaq translates to “to share”. This is the term you would use when disseminating content to your followers or friends.
Bu maraqlı məqaləni dostlarınızla paylaşın.

Yorum yazmaq is the phrase for “to comment”. It’s an interactive feature that allows you to express your thoughts on a post.
Bu videonun altına yorum yazdım.

Abunə olmaq is “to subscribe”. It usually refers to following a channel or page to receive regular updates.
Bu kanala abunə oldunuzmu?

Takip etmek means “to follow”. Much like subscribing, it’s a way to keep up with someone’s content on platforms like Instagram or Twitter.
Məşhur bloqçunu takip etməyə başladım.

Profil is the same in English, standing for “profile”. It’s your personal page on a social media platform.
Profil şəklimi yenilədim.

Yeni bildiriş means “new notification”. It’s a message or alert you receive about activity related to your social media account.
On yeni bildiriş almışam.

DM (Direkt mesaj) stands for “DM or Direct Message”. This is a private message sent to another user.
DM-dən cavabınızı gözləyirəm.

Canlı yayım means “live stream”. This refers to real-time video broadcasted over the internet.
#2D3AC7″>Canlı yayımda sizə salam dedi.

Hashtag – This term is the same in English, it’s used for tagging and categorizing content.
Uygun hashtaglərdən istifadə etdinizmi?

Əlaqə translates to “contact”. In online terms, it often refers to someone on your friends’ list or a professional connection.
Biz sosial şəbəkədə əlaqədəyik.

Trend carries the same meaning in Azerbaijani as in English: something that’s currently popular or in vogue on the internet.
Bu hashtag indi trenddir.

Yükləmək means “to upload”. It is the action of adding content from your device to the internet.
Fotoşəkilləri bu axşam yükləyəcəyəm.

Endirəmək translates to “to download”. This refers to transferring data from the internet to your personal device.
Bu proqramı rəsmi veb-saytdan endirə bilərsiniz.

Understanding and using these phrases will not only improve your fluency in Azerbaijani but also enhance your online communication experience within the Azerbaijani digital sphere. Learning these internet-centric terms is a fun and practical way to stay engaged with the language, offering a peek into the evolving landscape of modern communications through the lens of Azerbaijani culture.

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