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Seasonal Words and Phrases in Azerbaijani

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Seasons bring with them a unique set of vocabulary and phrases that can add a colorful touch to any language. Azerbaijani, a Turkic language spoken primarily in Azerbaijan, is no exception. Whether you’re planning to visit the Land of Fire during a specific time of the year or you’re just looking to expand your linguistic skills, here are some seasonal words and phrases in Azerbaijani that you might find useful.

Bahar – Spring
This word refers to the season of spring, a time when nature wakes up from its winter sleep and everything starts blooming.
Bahar fəsli çiçəklərin açılma vaxtıdır. (Spring is the time when flowers bloom.)

Yay – Summer
Summer, the warmest season of the year, is referred to as “yay” in Azerbaijani.
Yay aylarında hava çox isti olur. (During the summer months, the weather is very hot.)

Payız – Autumn
Autumn or fall, the season of harvest and falling leaves, is called “payız” in Azerbaijani.
Payız fəslində ağacların yarpaqları saralır. (In autumn, the leaves of trees turn yellow.)

Qış – Winter
The word for winter, the coldest season of the year, is “qış.”
Qış aylarında qar yağır. (It snows during the winter months.)

Novruz Bayramı – Nowruz
This is the name of the traditional holiday that celebrates the beginning of spring and the New Year according to the Persian calendar.
Novruz Bayramı martın iyirmi ikisində qeyd edilir. (Nowruz is celebrated on the 22nd of March.)

Şəfa çayı – Herbal tea
Commonly consumed in during chilly months, “şəfa çayı” translates to herbal tea, associated with healing and comfort.
Qış fəslində isti şəfa çayı içmək çox xoşdur. (Drinking hot herbal tea in winter is very pleasant.)

Dəniz – Sea
As a country bordered by the Caspian Sea, “dəniz” is imperative for summer activities.
Yay tətilində dənizə getmək üçün planlar qururuq. (We make plans to go to the sea for the summer holiday.)

Qar adamı – Snowman
A snowman, which is a figure made of snow during the winter season.
Uşaqlar qışda qar adamı düzəldirlər. (Children make snowmen in winter.)

Piknik – Picnic
The term for a leisure activity that involves eating a meal outdoors, especially popular during spring and summer.
Baharda dostlarla piknik etmək əla bir fikirdir. (Having a picnic with friends in spring is a great idea.)

Məktəbin yay tətili – Summer break from school
A phrase describing the school vacation period during the summer.
Uşaqlar məktəbin yay tətilini səbirsizliklə gözləyirlər. (Kids eagerly await the summer break from school.)

Learning these words and incorporating them into your dialogue can not only improve your Azerbaijani language skills but also help you connect more with the culture and seasonal traditions. Enjoy speaking and embracing the seasonal nuances in Azerbaijani!

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