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Russian Phrases for Handling Emergencies

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Learning key phrases in Russian can be a lifesaver, especially when traveling to Russian-speaking countries. In case of an emergency, effective communication is critical. Here are some Russian phrases and vocabularies that will help you during such times.

Помогите! (Pomogite!) – Help!
This is the word you shout when you need immediate attention or assistance in an emergency.
Я упал и не могу встать, помогите! – I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, help!

Спасите! (Spasite!) – Save!
Used in dire situations when someone’s life or well-being is in danger.
Он тонет, спасите его! – He’s drowning, save him!

Это экстренная ситуация! (Eto ekstrennaya situatsiya!) – It’s an emergency!
To express the urgency of the situation to those around you.
У неё аппендицит, это экстренная ситуация! – She has appendicitis, it’s an emergency!

Вызовите скорую помощь! (Vyzovite skoruyu pomosch!) – Call an ambulance!
To request medical assistance urgently.
Он потерял сознание, вызовите скорую помощь! – He has passed out, call an ambulance!

Где ближайшая больница? (Gde blizhayshaya bol’nitsa?) – Where is the nearest hospital?
Seeking directions to the closest medical facility.
У меня сильная аллергия, где ближайшая больница? – I have a severe allergy, where is the nearest hospital?

У меня аллергия. (U menya allergiya.) – I have an allergy.
Inform about your allergy condition to avoid any medical complications.
Не давайте мне орехи, у меня аллергия. – Don’t give me nuts, I have an allergy.

Мне нужен врач. (Mne nuzhen vrach.) – I need a doctor.
To let someone know that you require medical attention.
У меня очень болит живот, мне нужен врач. – My stomach hurts badly, I need a doctor.

Пожар! (Pozhar!) – Fire!
To alert people about a fire hazard.
Там воняет дымом, это пожар! – It smells like smoke, fire!

Звоните в полицию! (Zvonite v politsiyu!) – Call the police!
When you need to alert law enforcement.
Кто-то вломился в мой дом, звоните в полицию! – Someone broke into my house, call the police!

Мой адрес… (Moy adres…) – My address is…
To provide your location for assistance.
Мой адрес Невский проспект, 22. – My address is Nevsky Prospect, 22.

Я заблудился. (Ya zabloudilsya.) – I’m lost.
To inform someone that you cannot find your way.
Я заблудился, помогите мне найти отель. – I’m lost, please help me find my hotel.

Understanding and memorizing these phrases are crucial for anyone planning to visit a Russian-speaking region. In emergency situations, acting quickly is often essential, and being able to communicate your needs can be just as important as knowing what to do. Always keep a list of these phrases handy, and consider learning more to be better prepared for any situation you might encounter.

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