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Phrases for Hotel Stays and Accommodation in Belarusian

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When traveling to Belarus, understanding some essential phrases in Belarusian can enhance your hotel and accommodation experience. Here are some key phrases and vocabulary to help you communicate effectively during your stay.

Гатэль (Hotel)
Definition: A place providing paid lodging on a short-term basis.
Ці ёсць у вас вольныя пакоі ў гатэлі?
(Do you have any vacant rooms in the hotel?)

Рэцэпцыя (Reception)
Definition: The area in a hotel where guests are greeted and check-in/out takes place.
Дзе знаходзіцца рэцэпцыя?
(Where is the reception?)

Засяліцца (Check-in)
Definition: To officially register as a guest in a hotel upon arrival.
У які час можна засяліцца ў нумар?
(What time can I check in to the room?)

Выселіцца (Check-out)
Definition: To leave the accommodations at the end of your stay.
Да каторай гадзіны трэба выселіцца з нумара?
(What is the checkout time for the room?)

Нумар (Room)
Definition: A space in a hotel designated for sleeping or staying.
Я забраніраваў адзінкавы нумар на наступны тыдзень.
(I booked a single room for next week.)

Ключ (Key)
Definition: An instrument used to open the lock to your hotel room.
Калі ласка, дайце мне ключ ад майго нумара.
(Please give me the key to my room.)

Сняданак уключаны (Breakfast included)
Definition: A phrase indicating that the meal served in the morning is part of the accommodation’s price.
Хочаце нумар з сняданкам уключаным ці без?
(Do you want a room with breakfast included or without?)

Definition: Wireless internet access commonly provided by the hotel.
Які пароль да Wi-Fi ў гэтай кімнаце?
(What is the Wi-Fi password in this room?)

Служба пакояў (Room service)
Definition: A service in hotels which allows guests to order food and drinks to their room.
Ці можаце вы прыняць замову на службу пакояў?
(Can you take an order for room service?)

Зніжка (Discount)
Definition: An amount deducted from the usual cost of something, like hotel accommodation.
Ці ёсць у вас зніжкі для студэнтаў?
(Do you have any discounts for students?)

Браніраванне (Reservation)
Definition: An arrangement made in advance to have a hotel room held for a future time.
Я хацеў бы пацвердзіць маё браніраванне.
(I would like to confirm my reservation.)

Адмена браніравання (Cancellation of a reservation)
Definition: The act of invalidating a reservation or booking.
Як я магу зрабіць адмену браніравання?
(How can I make a cancellation of a reservation?)

Паслугі (Services)
Definition: The range of assistance or work provided by the hotel for the comfort of their guests.
Якія паслугі ёсць у вашым гатэлі?
(What services do you offer in your hotel?)

By learning these essential phrases for your hotel stay in Belarus, you’ll be better prepared to communicate with hotel staff and enjoy a more comfortable travel experience. Keep this vocabulary list handy, and you’ll feel more at home no matter where you stay in Belarus!

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