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Phrases for Expressing Disagreement in Ukrainian

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Learning to express disagreement in a new language can be just as important as learning to agree. In Ukrainian, as in any language, there are a variety of phrases and expressions that can be used to politely, or more forcefully, express disagreement. In this article, we will go through some common phrases for expressing disagreement in Ukrainian, with definitions and example sentences.

Я не згоден (Ya ne zghoden) – I disagree (for men)
Я не згодна (Ya ne zghodna) – I disagree (for women)
This is a straightforward way to express disagreement in Ukrainian. The verb згоден/згодна changes according to the gender of the speaker.
Я не згоден з тобою по цьому питанню.

Я вважаю інакше (Ya vvazhayu inakshe) – I think otherwise
A polite way to express that you have a different opinion.
Я вважаю інакше, цей план не буде ефективним.

Це не так (Tse ne tak) – That’s not right
Used to state that something is incorrect.
Це не так, бо статистичні дані говорять про інше.

Я категорично проти (Ya katehorychno proty) – I am categorically against it
A strong expression for when you strongly disagree.
Я категорично проти знищення старих парків.

Не погоджуюсь (Ne pohodzhuyus’) – I don’t agree
Another neutral way to express disagreement.
Не погоджуюсь з твоєю оцінкою цієї ситуації.

На мою думку (Na moyu dumku) – In my opinion
This phrase is a softer, diplomatic way to introduce your differing point of view.
На мою думку, ми маємо врахувати всі ризики.

Я вважаю, що ти помиляєшся (Ya vvazhayu, shcho ty pomylyayeshsya) – I think that you are mistaken
When you believe someone is wrong, this phrase can be used to assert your position respectfully.
Я вважаю, що ти помиляєшся щодо розподілу обов’язків.

З усією повагою (Z usiyeyu povahoyu) – With all due respect
This prefix to a sentence helps to ensure that you are not intending to offend while disagreeing.
З усією повагою, але це рішення не враховує основних аргументів.

Це суперечить (Tse superechyt) – That contradicts
When pointing out inconsistencies or contradictions in another’s arguments.
Це суперечить заявленій нами стратегії.

Мені здається (Meni zdaiet’sya) – It seems to me
An expression that is used when you are about to express a view that is different from what has been said.
Мені здається, ми відходимо від головної теми обговорення.

Я би не сказав (Ya by ne skazav) – I wouldn’t say that (for men)
Я би не сказала (Ya by ne skazala) – I wouldn’t say that (for women)
A gentle way of disagreeing without directly opposing the other person’s opinion.
Я би не сказав, що цей метод абсолютно ненадійний.

Using these phrases appropriately will help you navigate through conversations in Ukrainian where you need to express disagreement. It is crucial to consider the tone and context when disagreeing in any language, and Ukrainian is no exception. Being able to disagree respectfully and tactfully is an important skill that promotes healthy discussion and dialogue.

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