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Pet and animal care vocabulary in Finnish

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Language learning is not just about mastering grammar and sentence structure; it also involves expanding your vocabulary to include various topics. One such interesting subject is pet and animal care. In this article, we’ll explore some essential Finnish vocabulary related to the care of pets and animals. Whether you’re a pet owner in Finland or simply looking to enhance your language skills, these words will be useful in your Finnish language journey.

Definition: Veterinarian
Koira on menossa eläinlääkäriin rokotettavaksi. (The dog is going to the veterinarian to get vaccinated.)

Definition: Pet
Monilla ihmisillä on kissa tai koira lemmikkinä. (Many people have a cat or a dog as a pet.)

Definition: Feeding
Ruokinta on tärkeä osa päivittäistä lemmikin hoitoa. (Feeding is an important part of the daily care of a pet.)

Definition: Walking (taking an animal out for exercise)
Ulkoiluttaminen on hyväksi koiran terveydelle ja hyvinvoinnille. (Walking is good for a dog’s health and well-being.)

Definition: Grooming
Koiran säännöllinen trimmaus pitää turkin siistinä. (Regular grooming keeps the dog’s coat neat.)

Definition: Vaccination
Rokotus auttaa suojaamaan lemmikkiä monilta sairauksilta. (Vaccination helps protect pets from many diseases.)

Definition: Care
Hyvä hoito varmistaa, että lemmikkisi pysyy terveenä. (Good care ensures that your pet stays healthy.)

Definition: Animal shelter
Hän adoptoi kissan paikallisesta eläinsuojasta. (He adopted a cat from the local animal shelter.)

Definition: Collar
Kissa kadotti pannansa leikkiessään puutarhassa. (The cat lost its collar while playing in the garden.)

Kynsien leikkaus
Definition: Nail clipping
Kynsien leikkaus on välttämätöntä kissoille, jotka eivät kuluta kynsiään ulkona. (Nail clipping is essential for cats that don’t wear down their nails outside.)

Definition: Treat(s)
Koira sai herkuja kun se suoritti temppuja. (The dog got treats for performing tricks.)

Definition: Animal supplies
Eläintarvikkeet voi ostaa lemmikkikaupasta tai verkosta. (Animal supplies can be bought at the pet store or online.)

Eläinten hyvinvointi
Definition: Animal welfare
Eläinten hyvinvointi on tärkeä asia yhteiskunnassamme. (Animal welfare is an important issue in our society.)

Through the acquisition of this specific vocabulary, Finnish learners can engage in conversations about pets and animal care with greater confidence. Moreover, these words provide a glimpse into the cultural practices and values placed on pet ownership and animal welfare in Finnish-speaking communities. Keep practicing, and soon discussing your furry friends in Finnish will feel like second nature.

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