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Parenting and childcare terms in Finnish

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Learning about parenting and childcare involves not only understanding the processes and best practices but also expanding your vocabulary to include relevant terms, especially if you are in a foreign country or learning a new language. Finnish, with its rich linguistic history, offers a plethora of terms related to this area. Here are some essential parenting and childcare terms in Finnish, complete with definitions and examples to bolster your language learning journey.

The Finnish word for parent. This term is used to refer to a mother or father of a child.

Olen ylpeä olla kahden ihastuttavan lapsen vanhempi.

Childcare in Finnish, it encompasses a range of services and support for children’s care and supervision.

Lastenhoito voi olla haasteellista, mutta myös palkitsevaa.

This means baby in Finnish, typically used to refer to an infant or a very young child.

Meidän vauva nukkuu parhaiten iltaisin.

Toddler in Finnish, referring specifically to a young child who is just learning to walk.

Hän on niin suloinen! Hän juuri oppinut kävelemään, joten hän on taapero.

Play age or early childhood, the period in a child’s life before they start formal schooling.

Kun lapset pääsevät leikkiikään, heidän mielikuvituksensa kasvaa merkittävästi.

This term is used to describe a playground where children engage in physical activities and social play.

Lapset viettävät iltapäivät leikkipuistossa kiipeillen ja liukumäen laskien.

Foster child, a child who is cared for by someone who is not their biological parent.

He ovat hoitolapsia, ja uusi perheesi on ollut heille erittäin tukeva.

Breastfeeding, the act of feeding an infant or young child with milk from a woman’s breast.

Imetys tarjoaa vauvoille parhaat ravintoaineet heidän kehitykselleen.

The Finnish word that encompasses upbringing, education, or child-rearing practices.

Hyvä kasvatus muodostaa lapsen tulevaisuuden perustan.

A family daycare provider, an individual who takes care of children in their own home.

Perhepäivähoitaja pelastaa meidät, kun meidän täytyy mennä töihin.

The term for childbirth, describes the process of giving birth to a baby.

Synnytys voi olla sekä pelottava että ihmeellinen kokemus.

Parental leave, the period of time that a parent is entitled to be absent from work to take care of their newborn or adopted child.

Isä on hoitovapaalla viettämässä aikaa uuden vauvan kanssa.

By familiarizing yourself with these Finnish parenting and childcare terms, you will be better equipped to navigate conversations and situations related to family life in Finland. Remember, language is not just a form of communication but also a bridge to understanding culture and society. Happy learning!

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