Medical Vocabulary in Slovenian

Learning a new language opens up a myriad of opportunities, including the ability to communicate in specialized fields such as medicine. For English speakers venturing to learn Slovenian, grasping medical vocabulary can be particularly useful, whether you’re working in a healthcare environment, traveling, or simply expanding your linguistic skills for personal enrichment. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore essential medical terms in Slovenian, complete with phrases that you might find necessary in a medical setting.

Basic Health-Related Terms

Let’s start with some basic health-related terms that are crucial in everyday conversations about health in Slovenian.

– Health: zdravje
– Illness: bolezen
– Medicine: zdravilo
– Hospital: bolnišnica
– Doctor: zdravnik (male), zdravnica (female)

Zdravnik mi je predpisal novo zdravilo. (The doctor prescribed me a new medicine.)

Describing Symptoms in Slovenian

When visiting a doctor, it’s important to describe your symptoms accurately. Here are some common symptoms and how you can describe them in Slovenian.

– Pain: bolečina
– Fever: vročina
– Cough: kašelj
– Allergy: alergija
– Infection: okužba

Imam vročino in močan kašelj. (I have a fever and a strong cough.)

Talking About Body Parts

Understanding how to refer to different body parts in Slovenian can also be very useful in a medical context.

– Head: glava
– Stomach: želodec
– Arm: roka
– Leg: noga
– Heart: srce

Bolečina je v mojem želodcu. (The pain is in my stomach.)

Pharmacy Essentials

At the pharmacy, you might need to know some specific terms to get the right product or medication. Here are some terms related to pharmacy visits.

– Prescription: recept
– Over-the-counter: brez recepta
– Side effects: stranski učinki
– Dosage: odmerek
– Refill: ponovno polnjenje

Prosim, želim ponovno polnjenje tega recepta. (Please, I want a refill of this prescription.)

Medical Procedures and Treatments

If you need to undergo a medical procedure or treatment, knowing the following terms might be necessary.

– Surgery: operacija
– Vaccination: cepljenje
– Blood test: krvni test
– X-ray: rentgen
– Physical therapy: fizioterapija

Moral bom na operacijo kolena. (I will have to undergo knee surgery.)

Emergency Situations

In emergency situations, quick and effective communication is crucial. Here are some phrases that could be lifesaving.

– Help!: Na pomoč!
– Emergency: nujno
– Accident: nesreča
– Ambulance: rešilec
– I need a doctor!: Potrebujem zdravnika!

Na pomoč, potrebujem zdravnika! (Help, I need a doctor!)

Insurance and Documentation

Dealing with medical insurance and documents in a foreign country can be daunting. Here are some terms that might come in handy.

– Insurance: zavarovanje
– Policy: polica
– Coverage: kritje
– Claim: zahtevek
– Medical record: zdravstveni karton

Želim preveriti kritje moje zavarovalne police. (I want to check the coverage of my insurance policy.)


Learning medical vocabulary in Slovenian not only enhances your language skills but also prepares you for any health-related conversations or emergencies you might encounter. Whether you’re in a professional medical environment or simply looking after your health while traveling, these terms and phrases will certainly prove to be beneficial. Remember, consistent practice and real-life application of these terms can significantly improve your fluency and understanding of the language.

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