Which language do you want to learn?

Which language do you want to learn?

Key Phrases for Belarusian Language Learners

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Learning a new language can be a fascinating journey, and for those delving into Belarusian, getting to grips with some essential phrases will set you on the path to fluency. Here’s a collection of key phrases to bolster your Belarusian language skills, complete with definitions and illustrative sentences.

Прывітанне (Pryvitannie)
Definition: Greeting; a general way of saying “hello.”
Калі мы прыбылі, яе першае слова было “Прывітанне!”. (When we arrived, her first word was “Hello!”)

Як справы? (Yak spravy?)
Definition: How are you?; a common way to ask someone about their well-being.
Кожны дзень я пачынаю з пытання “Як справы?” маім калегам. (Every day I start by asking my colleagues, “How are you?”)

Дзякуй (Dziakuy)
Definition: Thank you; an expression of gratitude.
Пасля атрымання падарунка, я сказаў “Дзякуй”. (After receiving the gift, I said “Thank you.”)

Калі ласка (Kali laska)
Definition: Please or you’re welcome; used to make a polite request or to respond to a thank you.
Можаце падаваць мне соль, калі ласка? (Could you pass me the salt, please?)

Выбачайце (Vybachaitse)
Definition: Excuse me or sorry; used to apologize or to get someone’s attention.
Выбачайце, ці не маглі б вы мне дапамагчы? (Excuse me, could you help me?)

Добры дзень (Dobry dzien)
Definition: Good day; a formal greeting used during the daytime.
Калі ўведуць у канферэнц-зале, ён сказаў усім “Добры дзень”. (When he entered the conference hall, he said to everyone, “Good day.”)

Дазвольце пазнаёміцца (Dazvol’tse paznaomitsa)
Definition: Let me introduce myself; a polite way to start an introduction.
На сустрэчы з новымі людзьмі я заўсёды кажу “Дазвольце пазнаёміцца”. (At meetings with new people, I always say “Let me introduce myself.”)

Як Ваша імя? (Yak Vasha imya?)
Definition: What is your name?; a question to inquire about someone’s name.
За чашкай кавы, я спытаў, “Як Ваша імя?” (Over a cup of coffee, I asked, “What is your name?”)

Дзе туалет? (Dze tualet?)
Definition: Where is the bathroom?; a practical question for locating the restroom.
У рэстаране я павінен быў спытаць, “Дзе туалет?” (In the restaurant, I had to ask, “Where is the bathroom?”)

Я не разумею (Ya ne razumeyu)
Definition: I don’t understand; a phrase used when you do not comprehend what is being said.
Калі гаворка ішла занадта хутка, я сказаў “Я не разумею”. (When the conversation went too fast, I said, “I don’t understand.”)

Ці можаце Вы павольней гаварыць? (Ci mozhatse Vy pavol’nej havarits?)
Definition: Can you speak more slowly?; a polite request to slow down the pace of speech.
Гэтая фраза была вельмі карыснай: “Ці можаце Вы павольней гаварыць?” (This phrase was very useful: “Can you speak more slowly?”)

Я люблю Вас (Ya lyublyu Vas)
Definition: I love you; an expression of deep affection.
На прыпынку сустрэчы, ён сказаў яй “Я люблю Вас”. (At the end of the meeting, he told her, “I love you.”)

By familiarizing yourself with these key Belarusian phrases, you’ll be better equipped to engage in everyday conversations and connect with Belarusian speakers. Practice these phrases often, and you’ll be on your way to mastering the Belarusian language. Удачы (Udachi) – Good luck!

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