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Japanese Vocabulary for Natural Disasters and Emergencies

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Japan, a country prone to natural disasters due to its geographical location, equips its citizens with the necessary vocabulary to handle emergencies effectively. Understanding this vocabulary can be lifesaving for both native speakers and learners of the language. Here’s an essential list that might help you in times of need.

自然災害 (しぜんさいがい – shizen saigai)
Definition: Natural disaster
Translation: Earthquakes and tsunamis are the most common natural disasters.

地震 (じしん – jishin)
Definition: Earthquake
Translation: There was a big earthquake last night.

津波 (つなみ – tsunami)
Definition: Tsunami
Translation: A tsunami warning has been issued.

台風 (たいふう – taifuu)
Definition: Typhoon
Translation: School has been canceled because a typhoon is approaching.

火山 (かざん – kazan)
Definition: Volcano
Translation: Since that volcano is active, there is a possibility of eruption.

避難 (ひなん – hinan)
Definition: Evacuation
Translation: We have been instructed to evacuate from this area.

救助 (きゅうじょ – kyuujyo)
Definition: Rescue
Translation: Rescue teams are searching for the missing persons.

緊急時 (きんきゅうじ – kinkyuuji)
Definition: Emergency situation
Translation: In case of an emergency, please contact this number.

非常食 (ひじょうしょく – hijoushoku)
Definition: Emergency food
Translation: We have prepared emergency food in case of an earthquake.

防災セット (ぼうさいセット – bousai setto)
Definition: Disaster prevention set
Translation: A disaster prevention set has been distributed to each household.

警報 (けいほう – keihou)
Definition: Alarm, warning
Translation: A flood warning has been issued.

浸水 (しんすい – shinsui)
Definition: Flooding
Translation: Many areas have been flooded due to the typhoon.

停電 (ていでん – teiden)
Definition: Power outage
Translation: A power outage occurred after the earthquake.

余震 (よしん – yoshin)
Definition: Aftershock
Translation: Several aftershocks followed the main quake.

応急処置 (おうきゅうしょち – oukyuushochi)
Definition: First aid
Translation: She received first aid and is now stable.

Learning these words is not only crucial for those living or traveling in Japan but also for understanding news reports and discussions about natural disasters. By familiarizing yourself with this vocabulary, you can better prepare yourself for emergencies and contribute positively during such situations.

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