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Hindi Words for Food and Cooking

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India’s rich culinary heritage is almost as synonymous with its culture as its diverse languages. Hindi, being one of the main languages, is spoken by millions, and understanding its food-related terminologies will not only help you navigate the gastronomic landscape but also enhance your language learning experience. Here are some essential Hindi words for food and cooking that every language enthusiast must know.

Definition: Food or meal
मुझे खाना बहुत पसंद है। (Mujhe khana bahut pasand hai.) – I really like the food.

Definition: To cook
मेरी माँ खाना पका रही हैं। (Meri maa khana paka rahi hain.) – My mother is cooking the food.

Definition: Kitchen
रसोई में खाने की खुशबू आ रही है। (Rasoi mein khane ki khushboo aa rahi hai.) – The smell of food is coming from the kitchen.

Definition: Spice
भारतीय खाने में बहुत सारे मसाले होते हैं। (Bharatiya khane mein bahut saare masale hote hain.) – Indian food has a lot of spices.

Definition: Bread (usually whole wheat flatbread)
रोटी को चपाती भी कहते हैं। (Roti ko chapati bhi kehte hain.) – Roti is also called chapati.

Definition: Rice
भारत में चावल का खाना आम है। (Bharat mein chawal ka khana aam hai.) – Rice is a common food in India.

Definition: Lentils/pulses
दाल की तड़का लगाने से उसका स्वाद बढ़ जाता है। (Daal ki tadka lagane se uska swaad badh jaata hai.) – Adding tempering to the lentils enhances their flavor.

Definition: Vegetable or a dish made of vegetables
आज रात के खाने में आलू की सब्ज़ी बनाई गई है। (Aaj raat ke khane mein aloo ki sabzi banai gayi hai.) – Potato vegetable dish has been made for tonight’s dinner.

Definition: Sweet or dessert
खाने के बाद मीठा ज़रूर खाना चाहिए। (Khane ke baad meetha zaroor khana chahiye.) – One should definitely have a sweet after the meal.

Definition: Tea
सुबह की चाय ताज़ा कर देती है। (Subah ki chai taza kar deti hai.) – Morning tea refreshes you.

Definition: Water
खाने के साथ पानी पीजिए। (Khane ke saath paani pijiye.) – Drink water with the food.

Definition: A traditional clay oven used for cooking and baking
तंदूर से निकली रोटियाँ बहुत स्वादिष्ट होती हैं। (Tandoor se nikali rotiyaa bahut swadisht hoti hain.) – Breads coming out of the tandoor are very delicious.

Definition: Sugar
चाय में चीनी कम डालना। (Chai mein cheeni kam daalna.) – Add less sugar to the tea.

Definition: Salt
खाने में नमक थोड़ा ज्यादा है। (Khane mein namak thoda jyaada hai.) – There’s a little too much salt in the food.

Definition: Oil
तेल गरम करके आलू डालिए। (Tel garam karke aaloo daaliye.) – Heat the oil and then add the potatoes.

Understanding and using these words will certainly provide a delightful entry into Hindi conversations, especially those centered around the dining table. Whether you’re a foodie, a language learner, or both, the world of Hindi cuisine awaits you with its incredible flavors and rich culinary lexicon. Bon Appétit or as in Hindi we say, “Khaane ka aanand lijiye!”

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