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Hindi Phrases for Negotiating and Bargaining

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When traveling to Hindi-speaking regions, knowing how to negotiate and bargain can be incredibly valuable. Whether you find yourself in a bustling market or in a business meeting, these phrases and vocabularies will help you to communicate effectively and possibly get better deals. Here’s a list of Hindi phrases and vocabulary that you can use for negotiating and bargaining, complete with their definitions and example sentences.

Daam kam kijiye – Please reduce the price.
This is a polite request to ask the seller to lower the price of the item.

यह बहुत महंगा है, कृपया दाम कम कीजिए। (Yeh bahut mahanga hai, kripya daam kam kijiye.)

Mujhe discount dijiye – Give me a discount.
This is a direct way to ask for a discount on your purchase.

मुझे इस पर कुछ डिस्काउंट दीजिए। (Mujhe is par kuch discount dijiye.)

Ye bahut zyada hai – This is too much.
Use this phrase to express that the price being quoted is higher than expected.

मैं इतने रुपये नहीं दे सकता, ये बहुत ज्यादा है। (Main itne rupaye nahi de sakta, ye bahut zyada hai.)

Kuch to kam kijiye – Please reduce it a bit.
A subtle way to ask the seller to decrease the price slightly.

यह तो बहुत महंगा पड़ रहा है, कुछ तो कम कीजिए। (Yeh toh bahut mahanga pad raha hai, kuch to kam kijiye.)

Ye mere budget se bahar hai – This is beyond my budget.
Indicates that the item’s price is more than what you planned to spend.

मुझे यह पसंद है पर ये मेरे बजट से बाहर है। (Mujhe yeh pasand hai par ye mere budget se bahar hai.)

Thoda aur sasta kar dijiye – Make it a little cheaper.
Another phrase to nudge the seller to give you a better price.

यह वाली साड़ी अच्छी है, थोड़ा और सस्ता कर दीजिए। (Yeh wali saree achhi hai, thoda aur sasta kar dijiye.)

Aaj ka kya special rate hai? – What’s the special price for today?
Asking this can suggest that you’re looking for a deal that is unique to that day.

हम इसे खरीदने के लिए तैयार हैं, आज का क्या स्पेशल रेट है? (Hum ise khareedne ke liye taiyar hain, aaj ka kya special rate hai?)

Iska kya daam hoga? – What would be the price for this?
An inquiry about the cost of a specific item before starting the negotiation.

यह पेंटिंग बहुत सुंदर है, इसका क्या दाम होगा? (Yeh painting bahut sundar hai, iska kya daam hoga?)

Chalo, final price kya hai? – Alright, what’s the final price?
This phrase is used when you’ve gone back and forth and now wish to hear the seller’s last offer.

हमने काफी बात की, चलो, फाइनल प्राइस क्या है? (Humne kaafi baat ki, chalo, final price kya hai?)

Isse kum nahi hoga kya? – Can’t it be any lower?
A direct question to push the seller to their lowest price point.

इतनी सारी खरीदारी की है, इससे कम नहीं होगा क्या? (Itani saari khareedari ki hai, isse kum nahi hoga kya?)

Remember, when negotiating and bargaining in Hindi, the tone of your voice and body language play an essential role. Keep your approach friendly yet firm, and always be respectful. Language learning is not just about the words but also about understanding cultural context and etiquettes. These phrases should provide a good starting point for your interactions and help you to navigate the art of negotiation with confidence. Happy bargaining!

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