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Health and Medical Phrases in Belarusian

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Learning a few health and medical phrases in the language of the country you’re visiting can be incredibly helpful. Here are some essential Belarusian phrases and vocabulary that could come in handy if you need medical assistance or if you find yourself in a health-related situation while in Belarus.

Дапамога! (Dapamoha!)
Meaning: Help!
Калі ласка, выклічыце хуткую дапамогу!
Please, call for emergency help!

Лекар (Lekar)
Definition: Doctor
Мне патрэбны лекар.
I need a doctor.

Аптэка (Apteka)
Definition: Pharmacy
Дзе знаходзіцца бліжэйшая аптэка?
Where is the nearest pharmacy?

Боль (Bol’)
Definition: Pain
У мяне сур’ёзная боль у жываце.
I have a severe pain in my stomach.

Тэмпература (Temperatura)
Definition: Temperature (fever)
У мяне высокая тэмпература, што рабіць?
I have a high fever, what should I do?

Таблеткі (Tabletki)
Definition: Pills/Tablets
Калі ласка, дайце мне таблеткі ад галаўной болю.
Please, give me some headache pills.

Алергія (Alergiya)
Definition: Allergy
У мяне алергія на пэўныя прадукты.
I have an allergy to certain products.

Хворы (Khvory)
Definition: Sick/Ill
Я адчуваю сябе хворым.
I feel sick.

Шпіталь (Shpital’)
Definition: Hospital
У які шпіталь мне варта звярнуцца?
Which hospital should I go to?

Хуткая дапамога (Khutkaya dapamoha)
Definition: Emergency assistance
Я патрапіў у аварыю, выклікайце хуткую дапамогу.
I’ve been in an accident, call emergency assistance.

Няздужанне (Nyazduzhannye)
Definition: Malaise/Feeling unwell
Я адчуваю няздужанне ўжо некалькі дзён.
I’ve been feeling unwell for several days.

Медыцынская страхоўка (Medytsynskaya strakhovka)
Definition: Medical insurance
Ці ахоплівае мая медыцынская страхоўка хуткую дапамогу за мяжой?
Does my medical insurance cover emergency services abroad?

Інфекцыя (Infektsyya)
Definition: Infection
Доктар сказаў, што ў мяне інфекцыя.
The doctor said that I have an infection.

Remember that while these phrases can be helpful, it’s essential to seek professional medical assistance when necessary. Additionally, considering carrying a phrasebook or translation app on your phone can also prove beneficial in a medical emergency.

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