German Words for Family and Relationships

Learning a new language opens up a whole new world of communication and understanding, and one of the most vital aspects of any culture is family and relationships. In this article, we’ll explore some of the essential German words that you’ll need to talk about your family and relationships, complete with definitions and example sentences.

Definition: Family
Meine Familie ist sehr groß.
Translation: My family is very large.

Definition: Parents
Meine Eltern leben in München.
Translation: My parents live in Munich.

Definition: Mother
Meine Mutter ist Ärztin.
Translation: My mother is a doctor.

Definition: Father
Mein Vater kocht heute Abendessen.
Translation: My father is cooking dinner tonight.

Definition: Siblings
Ich habe zwei Geschwister: einen Bruder und eine Schwester.
Translation: I have two siblings: a brother and a sister.

Definition: Brother
Mein Bruder ist jünger als ich.
Translation: My brother is younger than me.

Definition: Sister
Meine Schwester geht noch zur Schule.
Translation: My sister is still going to school.

Definition: Child
Sie haben drei Kinder.
Translation: They have three children.

Definition: Son
Ihr Sohn spielt gerne Fußball.
Translation: Their son likes to play soccer.

Definition: Daughter
Meine Tochter lernt Klavier spielen.
Translation: My daughter is learning to play the piano.

Definition: Husband
Ihr Ehemann ist Ingenieur.
Translation: Her husband is an engineer.

Definition: Wife
Meine Ehefrau und ich fahren nächste Woche in den Urlaub.
Translation: My wife and I are going on vacation next week.

Definition: Grandparents
Wir besuchen unsere Großeltern am Wochenende.
Translation: We are visiting our grandparents this weekend.

Definition: Grandfather
Mein Großvater erzählt die besten Geschichten.
Translation: My grandfather tells the best stories.

Definition: Grandmother
Meine Großmutter backt leckere Kuchen.
Translation: My grandmother bakes delicious cakes.

Definition: Grandchild
Die Enkel spielen im Garten.
Translation: The grandchildren are playing in the garden.

Definition: Granddaughter
Meine Enkelin ist erst ein Jahr alt.
Translation: My granddaughter is only one year old.

Definition: Grandson
Mein Enkelsohn kommt heute aus der Schule.
Translation: My grandson is coming from school today.

Definition: Aunt
Meine Tante kommt morgen zu Besuch.
Translation: My aunt is coming to visit tomorrow.

Definition: Uncle
Mein Onkel arbeitet als Mathematiklehrer.
Translation: My uncle works as a math teacher.

Definition: Nephew
Mein Neffe hat heute Geburtstag.
Translation: My nephew has a birthday today.

Definition: Niece
Meine Nichte lernt Spanisch.
Translation: My niece is learning Spanish.

Definition: Male cousin
Mein Cousin studiert in Berlin.
Translation: My cousin is studying in Berlin.

Definition: Female cousin
Meine Cousine reist gerne.
Translation: My cousin likes to travel.

Definition: Brother-in-law
Mein Schwager hat einen neuen Job bekommen.
Translation: My brother-in-law got a new job.

Definition: Sister-in-law
Ich gehe mit meiner Schwägerin ins Kino.
Translation: I’m going to the cinema with my sister-in-law.

Understanding these words will help you detail familial relationships in German. Remember, learning is a gradual process, and the best way to remember these terms is to use them in your everyday conversation. Viel Erfolg (good luck) with your German language learning journey!

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