French terms related to shipping and delivery

Understanding the terminology of shipping and delivery in French is essential for professionals involved in international trade, travel, or simply for those who aim to broaden their linguistic skills. Whether you are shipping goods overseas or waiting for a package from France, these terms can help you navigate the logistics efficiently. Let’s explore some fundamental French terms related to shipping and delivery and their meanings.

This term refers to the act of shipping or dispatching goods. In a logistics context, it’s used to describe the process of sending out products.
Votre expédition est prévue pour demain matin.

Delivery, or the process of transporting and handing over goods to the intended recipient. Livraison is a critical stage in the shipping process.
La livraison de votre colis est confirmée pour le 15 avril.

Fret is the French word for freight and refers to the goods transported by truck, train, ship, or airplane. It emphasizes the cargo aspect of shipping.
Le fret aérien est souvent utilisé pour les marchandises urgentes.

A parcel or package; colloquially, it might also be referred to as ‘paquet.’ A colis is what you would typically send or receive through courier services.
Je viens de recevoir un colis de ma famille en France.

Customs, where shipments are inspected and cleared for entry into a country. Understanding customs procedures is key for international shipping.
Tous les articles doivent être déclarés à la douane.

This term is used to refer to a rate or price list for services, which can include shipping costs. Tarifs are essential for budgeting the expenses associated with delivery.
Veuillez consulter le tarif pour les options de livraison internationale.

Délai de livraison
The delivery time or lead time; it indicates the expected period between the dispatch of goods and their arrival.
Le délai de livraison pour cet article est de quatre jours ouvrables.

A carrier or shipping company responsible for the physical transportation of goods. Selecting a reliable transporteur can ensure timely and safe delivery.
Votre paquet sera envoyé par le transporteur le plus réputé.

Tracking, a service provided by shipping companies that allow you to follow the progress of your shipment. Suivi is vital for logistics management and anticipating arrival.
Vous pouvez vérifier l’état de votre envoi avec le numéro de suivi.

The act of receiving goods. Réception signifies the completion of the delivery process when goods are handed over to the recipient.
La réception des documents signés est requise pour terminer la transaction.

Adresse de livraison
The delivery address where the recipient’s goods will be sent. Providing a precise adresse de livraison is crucial to avoid shipping errors.
Merci de vérifier votre adresse de livraison avant de confirmer la commande.

Signature requise
Signature required; this phrase indicates that someone must sign for the delivery to confirm that the goods are received.
Une signature requise est nécessaire pour la livraison des articles de valeur.

Numéro de lot
Batch number; it’s often used to track and manage inventory, especially for the grouped shipment of goods.
Veuillez fournir le numéro de lot pour la traçabilité du produit.

Facture commerciale
A commercial invoice; it is a document required for international shipping that provides details about the goods and the transaction between the seller and the buyer.
Assurez-vous que la facture commerciale accompagne votre envoi outre-mer.

Learning these French shipping and delivery terms not only enhances your professional vocabulary but also equips you with essential communication tools for a global market. Practice using these words in context to help internalize their meanings and boost your fluency in French logistics language.

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