French terms and phrases used in the workplace

Navigating the professional environment in a French-speaking context requires a certain degree of linguistic skill. Below you’ll find several French terms and phrases that are commonly used in the workplace, along with definitions and example sentences to help integrate them into your vocabulary.

The French word for ‘office.’ This term is essential for anyone working in a typical office setting.
Je dois être au bureau à 8 heures tous les matins.

This word is used to refer to a ‘colleague’ or ‘co-worker.’ It’s a term you’ll frequently hear and use in interactions with your peers.
Mon collègue de travail et moi allons déjeuner ensemble.

Translated as ‘meeting,’ this is a key word for anyone who needs to discuss business matters collaboratively.
La réunion commence dans 15 minutes, ne soyez pas en retard.

Stands for ‘Président Directeur Général,’ equivalent to CEO in English. This abbreviation is crucial when referring to corporate leadership.
Le PDG a annoncé de nouveaux objectifs d’entreprise pour l’année prochaine.

Short for ‘Curriculum Vitae,’ which is similar to a resume. It’s an important document to have when applying for jobs.
Je dois mettre à jour mon CV avant de postuler à ce poste.

Means ‘interview,’ and is a term you’ll encounter when looking for jobs or discussing job interviews.
J’ai un entretien d’embauche demain matin à 10h.

Refers to a ‘position’ or ‘job’ within a company. It’s useful when discussing job opportunities.
Il y a un poste vacant dans le département marketing que tu peux envisager.

Meaning ‘salary,’ this term is naturally important in discussions about compensation.
Mon salaire a augmenté suite à ma dernière évaluation de performance.

A ‘contract,’ which is fundamental to understand in the context of agreements and legal documents in the workplace.
Avez-vous signé le contrat avec le nouveau fournisseur?

Pause déjeuner
Lunch break. This phrase is key for discussing daily work-break schedules.
Pouvons-nous parler de cela pendant la pause déjeuner?

Translates to ‘objectives’ or ‘goals,’ this term is critical in a results-driven work environment.
Nous devons établir des objectifs clairs pour le prochain trimestre.

This word refers to ‘promotion’ or ‘advancement’ professionally.
Elle a travaillé dur et a mérité son avancement.

Means ‘training’ and is essential when talking about professional development.
Il y aura une formation sur le nouveau logiciel le mois prochain.

The French for ‘project.’ It’s a universal term used in many sectors to designate a piece of work or an initiative.
Le projet doit être terminé avant la fin de la semaine.

Meaning ‘team,’ it’s a term that fosters a sense of collaboration and unity within the workplace.
Notre équipe a gagné le prix pour le meilleur service client de l’année.

A ‘client’ or ‘customer,’ this term is vital in any sector providing goods or services.
J’ai un rendez-vous important avec un client potentiel demain.

Refers to ‘sales’ or ‘business.’ This term is commonplace in trade and negotiation settings.
Il travaille dans le département commercial et gère plusieurs grands comptes.

Understanding these terms and phrases will not only enrich your French vocabulary but also improve your communication skills in a professional setting, fostering better relationships with colleagues and advancing your career. Regular practice and real-life application will make these terms second nature as you navigate the French-speaking business world.

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