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Fashion and style terms in Finnish

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Learning a new language opens up a whole new spectrum of communication, and for those passionate about fashion, it’s essential to grasp the related terminology in the language you’re studying. If you are delving into Finnish, a fascinating language with its own unique charm, it’s helpful to know how to speak about fashion and style. So, let’s dive into some essential fashion and style terms in Finnish!

The Finnish word for “clothing” is vaate. It is a generic term used to describe any article of clothing, from shirts to pants to dresses.
Ostin uuden vaatteen töitä varten.

A “shirt” in Finnish is called paita. This could refer to a variety of shirts, including casual t-shirts or formal dress shirts.
Hänellä on kaunis sininen paita.

The word for “pants” or “trousers” in Finnish is housut. This term is used for various types of pants, from jeans to slacks.
Nämä housut ovat todella mukavat.

The Finnish term for “dress” is mekko. It is used to describe any style of dress, whether for casual or formal occasions.
Hän valitsi punaisen mekon juhliin.

When talking about a “jacket” or “coat,” the word in Finnish is takki. This runs the gamut from light spring jackets to heavy winter coats.
Tarvitsen lämpimän takin talveksi.

Footwear in Finnish is referred to as kengät, which includes all types of shoes, boots, sandals, and more.
Nämä kengät sopivat täydellisesti asuuni.

The term for “bag” or “purse” is laukku in Finnish. This can be any kind of bag, such as a handbag, tote, or backpack.
Uusi laukkuni on sekä tyylikäs että käytännöllinen.

For “hat,” the Finns use the word hattu. This term can be applied to various types of headwear, including caps, beanies, and fedoras.
Ostin uuden hatun suojaamaan kasvojani auringolta.

If you want to accessorize an outfit, you would use asuste, which means “accessory.” This includes items like belts, scarves, and jewelry.
Lisään asusteen viimeistelemään ilmeeni.

The word for “jewelry” is koru. It covers all types of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.
Hän sai lahjaksi kauniin korusetin.

The generic term for “style” is tyyli in Finnish. It can refer to a person’s fashion sense or the overall look of an outfit.
Hänen tyyli on aina niin tyylikäs.

“Mashion” translates to muoti in Finnish. It’s used to discuss fashion trends and the fashion industry as a whole.
Olen aina kiinnostunut uusimmasta muodista.

When talking about materials or products that are “skin-friendly,” the Finnish term is ihoystävällinen. This is important for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
Onneksi löysin ihoystävällisen meikin.

Knowing these Finnish terms for fashion and style will definitely enhance your vocabulary and conversations about clothing and personal style. Whether you’re shopping, discussing fashion trends, or complimenting someone’s outfit, these words will help you communicate with confidence and flair in the beautiful Finnish language. Onnea matkaan! (Good luck on your journey!)

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