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Fashion and style terminology in Arabic

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Language learners often find that expanding their vocabulary to include terms from different fields of interest not only enriches their language skills but also enhances their cultural understanding. One such fascinating area is the world of fashion and style. Arabic, with its rich linguistic heritage, offers a unique set of terminologies in this realm. Here are some essential fashion and style terms in Arabic, each presented with its definition and a contextual example to help you use them in everyday conversations.

موضة (Mouda) – Fashion
This term refers to current trends, styles, or practices in the world of clothing, accessories, and beauty.
الموضة هذا العام تعود إلى عصر الثمانينات.
Translation: This year’s fashion goes back to the eighties.

أنيق (Aniq) – Stylish/Elegant
When someone or something is described as “aniq,” it means they are very stylish, elegant, or chic.
هو دائماً ما يرتدي ملابس أنيقة في الحفلات.
Translation: He always wears elegant clothes at parties.

خياطة (Khayata) – Tailoring
The craft of tailoring involves fitting, constructing, or altering clothing professionally.
أريد أن أذهب إلى الخياط لتعديل حجم الثوب.
Translation: I want to go to the tailor to alter the size of the dress.

أزياء (Aziaa) – Outfits/Clothing
The Arabic term for outfits or a collection of garments.
لديها تشكيلة واسعة من الأزياء لكل المناسبات.
Translation: She has a wide array of outfits for every occasion.

إكسسوارات (Ikssuarat) – Accessories
This encompasses the additional items used to complement or complete an outfit, such as jewelry, bags, or belts.
يمكن أن تغير الإكسسوارات مظهر الزي بالكامل.
Translation: Accessories can completely change the look of an outfit.

عارض أزياء (Aared al-Azyaa) – Fashion Model
A person who wears and displays clothes for designers or fashion brands.
عارض الأزياء يستعرض الثوب الجديد على المدرج.
Translation: The fashion model showcases the new dress on the runway.

عرض أزياء (Ard Azyaa) – Fashion Show
An event where the latest styles and fashions are presented on a runway by models.
سيتم عرض أزياء المصمم الليلة في الفندق.
Translation: The designer’s fashion show will take place tonight at the hotel.

تصميم الأزياء (Tasmim al-Azyaa) – Fashion Design
The art of crafting original clothing and accessories.
تصميم الأزياء يتطلب خيالاً وشعوراً قويًا بالألوان.
Translation: Fashion design requires imagination and a strong sense of colors.

الأزياء الجاهزة (Al-Azyaa al-Jahiza) – Ready-to-Wear
Also known as prêt-à-porter, these are factory-made clothing sold in finished condition and in standardized sizes.
الأزياء الجاهزة أكثر عملية للاستخدام اليومي.
Translation: Ready-to-wear is more practical for everyday use.

هوت كوتور (Haute Couture) – High Sewing/Fashion
Refers to the creation of exclusive, custom-fitted clothing, typically produced in Paris and presented during fashion week.
الثوب هوت كوتور ورُصِع بألف حبة من اللؤلؤ.
Translation: The dress is haute couture and is studded with a thousand pearls.

By familiarizing oneself with these terms, language learners can not only broaden their understanding of Arabic but also engage in more meaningful conversations about fashion and style. Fashion is a universal language in itself, and with these Arabic terms in your toolbox, you can bridge cultures through the love of style.

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