Which language do you want to learn?

Which language do you want to learn?

Everyday Ukrainian Vocabulary for Communication

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Mastering a new language involves not just understanding grammar and pronunciation, but also building up a strong vocabulary. If you’re learning Ukrainian, having a collection of everyday words at your fingertips will greatly facilitate your ability to communicate effectively. Here are some essential Ukrainian vocabulary words and phrases that you can start using today.

Привіт (pree-vyit) – Hello
This is a casual greeting used among friends, family, and peers.
Привіт, як ти?

Дякую (dyah-koo-yoo) – Thank you
Use this to express gratitude in any situation.
Дякую за твою допомогу!

Будь ласка (bood’ lah-ska) – Please/You’re welcome
As a versatile phrase, it can be used to politely ask for something or to respond to a thank you.
Будь ласка, передай мені сіль.

Вибачте (vy-bach-te) – Excuse me/Sorry
Whether you need to get someone’s attention or apologize for a small mistake, this is the word to use.
Вибачте, де знаходиться метро?

Так (tahk) – Yes
A simple affirmation that is essential for any kind of dialogue.
Так, я розумію.

Ні (nee) – No
Just as important as ‘yes’, ‘no’ is necessary for expressing disagreement or declining something.
Ні, дякую, я не хочу їсти.

Доброго дня (doh-broh-hoh dnya) – Good afternoon
This is a polite greeting you can use from noon until early evening.
Доброго дня, я хотів би замовити.

Доброго вечора (doh-broh-hoh ve-cho-ra) – Good evening
Used when greeting someone in the later hours of the day.
Доброго вечора, як справи?

Як справи? (yahk sprah-vy?) – How are you?
This common question is an icebreaker in conversations.
Привіт, Марія! Як справи?

Добре (doh-breh) – Good/Fine
A positive response to the question “How are you?”.
Дякую, у мене все добре.

Допомога (do-po-moh-gah) – Help
When you need assistance or you want to offer help to someone else.
Мені потрібна допомога з вправами.

Кава (kah-vah) – Coffee
Because knowing how to order your morning drink is important!
Будь ласка, чашку кави.

Чай (chay) – Tea
For those who prefer tea over coffee.
Я п’ю чай без цукру.

Хліб (khlib) – Bread
A staple food that you might need to ask for in a grocery store or restaurant.
Додайте, будь ласка, хліб до мого замовлення.

Вода (voh-dah) – Water
Another essential to stay hydrated throughout the day.
Можна мені склянку води?

Breaking down barriers starts with simple words and phrases. Memorize these everyday vocabulary terms in Ukrainian, and watch as your ability to communicate blossoms. Each new word is a step closer to fluency and understanding a vibrant culture through its own language. Вдалих вам навчань (Successful learning)!

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