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Essential Words for Safety and Warning in Hindi

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When learning a new language, it’s not just about forming sentences and getting the grammar right; it’s also about understanding key vocabularies that can help in daily navigation, particularly those that pertain to safety and warning. In Hindi, a variety of terms should be known to ensure you can both understand and express concern regarding safety matters. Whether you’re traveling in India or just keen to learn Hindi, these words are essential to your vocabulary list.

सुरक्षा (Suraksha) – Safety
This noun is used to denote safety in various contexts and is a crucial term for understanding signs and instructions regarding personal well-being.
कृपया अपनी सुरक्षा का ख्याल रखें। (Kripya apni suraksha ka khyal rakhein.) – Please take care of your safety.

खतरा (Khatra) – Danger
The word ‘खतरा’ indicates imminent threat or danger and is often seen in cautionary notices.
इस इलाके में खतरा है। (Is ilaake mein khatra hai.) – There is danger in this area.

सावधान (Savdhaan) – Attentive/Alert
Used in contexts where one needs to be careful or when alerting someone of something important.
सावधान रहें, फर्श गीला है। (Savdhaan rahein, farsh geela hai.) – Be attentive, the floor is wet.

चेतावनी (Chetaavni) – Warning
This noun is specifically used to address a warning of any type, similar to ‘कृपया ध्यान दें’ (Kripya dhyaan dein – Please pay attention).
इस मशीन का इस्तेमाल सावधानी से करें, यह एक चेतावनी है। (Is machine ka istemaal savdhani se karein, yeh ek chetaavni hai.) – Use this machine with caution, this is a warning.

आपातकाल (Aapatkaal) – Emergency
‘Aapatkaal’ refers to an urgent, unexpected situation that requires immediate action.
आपातकालीन निकासी के लिए इस दरवाजे का प्रयोग करें। (Aapatkaaleen nikaasi ke liye is darwaze ka prayog karein.) – Use this door for emergency evacuation.

बचाव (Bachaav) – Rescue/Protection
The act of protection or rescue when in danger.
अग्निशामक दल बचाव कार्य में लगा हुआ है। (Agnishaamak dal bachaav kaary mein laga hua hai.) – The fire brigade is engaged in rescue operations.

संकेत (Sanket) – Signal/Indication
This refers to a sign or a signal that gives an indication, possibly of danger or a need to be alert.
लाल बत्ती खतरे का संकेत है। (Laal batti khatre ka sanket hai.) – The red light is a signal of danger.

ध्यान दें (Dhyaan dein) – Pay Attention
A verb phrase used in various situations to ask someone to focus or heed something carefully.
ध्यान दें, यहाँ निर्माणाधीन क्षेत्र है। (Dhyaan dein, yahaan nirmaanadheen kshetra hai.) – Pay attention, this is a construction area.

Learning these essential words in Hindi can significantly improve your ability to understand and communicate safety and warning messages. Knowing how to express concern or recognize signs can be particularly valuable in unfamiliar environments or emergency situations. Remember, when it comes to safety, possessing the right words could be as crucial as the actions you take.

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