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Which language do you want to learn?

Educational Finnish vocabulary for students

Student quietly focusing on English reading comprehension.

Learning a new language can be daunting, but equipping yourself with essential vocabulary can make the process significantly smoother. In this article, we’ll introduce some educational Finnish vocabulary that is particularly beneficial for students navigating their learning environments. Whether you’re studying in Finland or just looking to expand your linguistic skills, these words will be a valuable addition to your vocabulary bank.

Meaning: Student.
Hän on yliopiston ensimmäisen vuoden opiskelija.
This is one of the first words that one must know when entering an educational setting in Finland. It signifies anyone who is studying, whether in primary school or at university.

Meaning: School.
Lapset menevät kouluun joka aamu.
No student vocabulary is complete without this word. It’s where learning happens and students spend most of their day.

Meaning: University.
Hän haaveilee pääsevänsä opiskelemaan Helsingin yliopistoon.
For those at a higher level of education, this term is central as it refers to the institution where one pursues their degree.

Meaning: Book.
Voinko lainata sinun kirjaasi tenttiin valmistautumista varten?
Books are the staple of traditional learning with a vast array of knowledge, hence, knowing this word is crucial.

Meaning: Notebook.
Ostin uuden vihkon muistiinpanojani varten.
Taking notes is a big part of studying, making a notebook an essential learning tool.

Meaning: Lesson or class.
Matematiikan oppitunti alkaa kello kahdeksan.
This term describes the periods spent learning different subjects in school.

Meaning: Homework.
Minulla on paljon läksyjä tehtävänä tänä iltana.
Every student is familiar with homework, which is often assigned to reinforce lessons taught in class.

Meaning: Test or exam.
Ensi viikolla on matematiikan koe.
Tests are a common method of assessment, so use this term to discuss upcoming evaluations.

Meaning: To study.
Hän opiskelee joka ilta kokeisiin.
The act of learning and reviewing the material is encapsulated in this verb.

Meaning: Teacher.
Meidän opettaja selittää asiat todella hyvin.
Behind every great student is an inspiring teacher, and this is the word used to describe these important figures.

Meaning: Library.
Kirjasto on täydellinen paikka rauhalliseen opiskeluun.
The temple of books, a library is a quiet place to focus on one’s studies.

Meaning: Thesis or paper.
Hän työstää parhaillaan tutkielmaansa ympäristötieteistä.
Especially pertinent for higher education students, this term refers to the extensive research paper or project completed at the end of a degree program.

Meaning: Curriculum.
Koulumme opetussuunnitelma sisältää monenlaisia kursseja.
This outlines the structure of the educational program or the courses offered by a school.

Meaning: Lecture hall.
Luentosali oli täynnä opiskelijoita taloustieteen luennolla.
A lecture hall is where large classes or lectures are typically held at a university.

By familiarizing yourself with these educational Finnish vocabulary words, you will not only be able to navigate the academic environment with greater ease but also integrate more seamlessly with your Finnish peers. They are the building blocks that will enable you to expand your comprehension and speaking abilities, paving the way for an enriching educational experience. Onnea matkaan—that is, good luck on your journey of learning Finnish!

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