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Which language do you want to learn?

Educational and School-Related Phrases in Belarusian

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Learning a new language involves not only mastering basic conversational phrases but also understanding vocabulary related to specific spheres of life, such as education. The following are some essential educational and school-related phrases in Belarusian along with their definitions and examples.

Школа (shkola) – School
This term refers to the institution where education is provided to students.
Мой сын ходзіць у новую школу. (My son goes to a new school.)

Настройка (nastrouka) – Adjustment/Setting
In the context of education, this can refer to adjusting to new educational settings or customization of learning environments.
У нас сёння настройка раскладу ўрокаў. (Today we have an adjustment of the lesson schedule.)

Выкладчык (vykladchyk) – Teacher (male)
A term for a male educator in a school or university.
Мой выкладчык па матэматыцы вельмі строгі. (My math teacher is very strict.)

Выкладчыца (vykladchytsa) – Teacher (female)
A term for a female educator in a school or university.
На новым уроку менавіта гэтая выкладчыца расказвала пра гісторыю Беларусі. (In the new lesson, this female teacher talked about the history of Belarus.)

Учань (uchan’) – Student (male)
Refers to a male pupil or student within an educational institution.
Учань павінен вывучаць урокі кожны дзень. (The student should study lessons every day.)

Учаніца (uchanitsa) – Student (female)
Refers to a female pupil or student within an educational institution.
Учаніца добра падрыхтавалася да экзамену. (The female student prepared well for the exam.)

Занятак (zanyatak) – Lesson/Class
This term describes an educational session where instruction is given.
Сёння быў цікавы занятак па хіміі. (There was an interesting chemistry lesson today.)

Дамашняя праца (damashnyaya pratsa) – Homework
Refers to the tasks assigned to students to complete outside of school.
Я заўсёды выконваю дамашнюю працу першым справай пасля школы. (I always do my homework first thing after school.)

Адзнака (adznaka) – Grade/Mark
This term signifies the evaluation or score given for academic work.
Я атрымал выдатную адзнаку за кантрольную работу. (I received an excellent grade for the test.)

Іспыт (ispyt) – Exam/Test
A formal assessment of a student’s knowledge or skills.
Студэнты вельмі нервуюцца перад іспытам. (Students are very nervous before the exam.)

Расклад ўрокаў (rasklad urokau) – Timetable/Schedule
The planned sequence of classes during a day or week.
Ты паглядзеў расклад ўрокаў на заўтра? (Did you check the timetable for tomorrow?)

Падручнік (padruchnik) – Textbook
A book containing the course material for students.
Не забудзь вазьмі падручнік па фізіцы. (Don’t forget to take the physics textbook.)

Абедзенны перапынак (abiedzenny perapynak) – Lunch break
The time allotted during the school day for lunch.
Дзеці адпачываюць падчас абедзеннага перапынку. (Children rest during the lunch break.)

Бібліятэка (bibliyateka) – Library
A place where books and other literary resources are kept for reading or study.
Шмат часу я праводжу ў школьнай бібліятэцы. (I spend a lot of time in the school library.)

Understanding these phrases can be significantly beneficial for navigating through the educational system in Belarus or when conversing with Belarusian-speaking students and educators. Maintaining a steady practice of incorporating them into conversations and written communications can greatly enhance one’s language proficiency in Belarusian.

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