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Educational and Academic Phrases in Azerbaijani

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Learning Azerbaijani, especially academic and educational phrases, can be both fascinating and challenging. To enrich your vocabulary in this context, let’s explore some key phrases and words that you would likely encounter in an educational or academic setting in Azerbaijan.

Meaning: Education
Mən yüksəkkeyfiyyətli təhsil almaq istəyirəm.
Translation: I want to receive a high-quality education.

Meaning: University
O, Bakıda yerləşən bir universitetdə təhsil alır.
Translation: She is studying at a university located in Baku.

Meaning: Teacher
Bizim sinifin müəllimi çox biliklidir.
Translation: Our class’s teacher is very knowledgeable.

Meaning: Student
Tələbələr kitabxanada dərs üçün tədqiqat aparırlar.
Translation: The students are conducting research in the library for their class.

Meaning: Lesson
Bu günün dərsi çox maraqlı idi.
Translation: Today’s lesson was very interesting.

Meaning: Exam
İmtahan üçün çox çalışmışam.
Translation: I have studied a lot for the exam.

Meaning: Master’s degree
O, magistratura dərəcəsi üçün müraciət etdi.
Translation: He applied for a master’s degree.

Meaning: Dissertation
Dissertasiya mövzusu çox vacibdir.
Translation: The dissertation topic is very important.

Meaning: Academic
Onun akademik performansı həmişə yüksəkdir.
Translation: Her academic performance is always high.

Meaning: Research
Universitetdə yeni bir tədqiqat layihəsinə başladıq.
Translation: We started a new research project at the university.

Meaning: Library
Kitabxanada çox sayda elmi ədəbiyyat var.
Translation: There is a large number of scientific literature in the library.

Meaning: Notes
Dərsdə önəmli qeydlər etdim.
Translation: I took important notes in class.

Meaning: Knowledge
Bilim güc deməkdir.
Translation: Knowledge is power.

Meaning: Bachelor’s degree
Lisansiyə dərəcəsi almaq üçün dörd il təhsil almalısınız.
Translation: You need to study four years to get a bachelor’s degree.

Meaning: Conference
Gelecek ay beynəlxalq bir konfransa qatılacağam.
Translation: I’m going to attend an international conference next month.

Meaning: Article
O, məşhur bir jurnal üçün məqalə yazdı.
Translation: He wrote an article for a well-known journal.

By familiarizing yourself with these phrases, you will be able to navigate Azerbaijani academic environments more confidently and seamlessly. Remember, consistent practice and exposure to the language will enhance your fluency, so don’t hesitate to put these words into use!

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