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Dutch words for family and relationships

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Learning a new language opens the door to a new world of relationships and cultural nuances. In the Dutch language, family and relationships are important aspects of society and are reflected in their words and phrases. Here’s a list of Dutch words for family and relationships along with their definitions and example sentences to help you understand their usage.

Gezin (Family unit)
This word refers to a family unit or household. It is commonly used to describe a group living together and can consist of parents and children.
Wij hebben een gelukkig gezin met twee kinderen.

Ouders (Parents)
The word for “parents” in Dutch encapsulates both the mother and father figures in the family.
Mijn ouders zijn 25 jaar getrouwd.

Moeder (Mother)
The term used to refer to a mother, often used with affectionate or respectful tones.
De moeder las haar kinderen een verhaaltje voor het slapengaan voor.

Vader (Father)
Vader is the Dutch word for “father” and connotes authority, love, and guidance within the family.
Mijn vader leert me hoe ik moet fietsen.

Broer (Brother)
A male sibling is called a broer in Dutch.
Mijn broer en ik gaan dit weekend vissen.

Zus (Sister)
The female equivalent of a brother, a sister, is referred to as a “zus” in Dutch.
Mijn zus is mijn beste vriendin.

Kinderen (Children)
This plural word describes offspring of any age, encompassing both sons and daughters.
De kinderen spelen in de tuin.

Zoon (Son)
A male child in relation to his parents.
Onze zoon is net begonnen met school.

Dochter (Daughter)
The female counterpart to a son; a female child.
Mijn dochter helpt me in de keuken.

Partner (Partner)
A gender-neutral term for a significant other in a romantic relationship.
Mijn partner en ik zijn tien jaar samen.

Echtgenoot (Husband)
Refers to a man who is married.
Haar echtgenoot is arts.

Echtgenote (Wife)
A woman who is married.
Zijn echtgenote is lerares.

Vriend (Friend/Boyfriend)
The word for a male friend, also used for a boyfriend, depending on the context.
Mijn vriend komt vanavond langs.

Vriendin (Friend/Girlfriend)
Used to designate a female friend or girlfriend.
Ik ga winkelen met mijn vriendin.

Opa (Grandfather)
Father of one’s father or mother; a grandfather.
Onze opa vertelt de beste verhalen.

Oma (Grandmother)
Mother of one’s father or mother; a grandmother.
Ik bak koekjes met mijn oma.

Understanding the words for family and relationships in Dutch allows you to engage more deeply with Dutch speakers and their culture. It conveys respect and an eagerness to integrate into their social fabric. Embrace these foundational words as you continue your journey into the beauty of the Dutch language.

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