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Dutch expressions for the workplace and professional settings

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Language is not just about being understood, but also about fitting into cultural norms, especially in professional settings. When working in a Dutch-speaking environment or with Dutch-speaking colleagues, knowing certain expressions can make communication smoother and more respectful. Here are some Dutch expressions that can be very useful in the workplace and professional settings.

Definition: A meeting. This term is crucial for a professional environment, where meetings are a regular occurrence.

Wanneer is de volgende vergadering gepland?

Stel je voor
Definition: Introduce yourself. A phrase used when meeting someone for the first time in a professional setting.

Stel je voor aan onze nieuwe collega.

Definition: The term borrowed from English, meaning the latest time or date by which something should be completed.

De deadline voor het inleveren van het rapport is volgende week vrijdag.

Definition: Overtime. The time that you work beyond your usual working hours.

Ik moet deze week overuren maken om het project op tijd af te krijgen.

Definition: Networking. It refers to interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional contacts.

Na de conferentie is er een kans om te netwerken met andere professionals.

Definition: Business trip. A journey undertaken for work purposes.

Hij is op zakenreis in Duitsland voor een internationale handelsbeurs.

Definition: Quotation or bid. The document that outlines the costs associated with a service or product that a company can provide.

Kun je een offerte sturen voor de diensten die we hebben besproken?

Definition: Annual report. A comprehensive report on a company’s activities throughout the preceding year.

Het jaarverslag moet eind maart klaar zijn voor de aandeelhoudersvergadering.

Definition: Performance review. A scheduled appraisal of an employee’s job performance by their supervisor.

Mijn beoordelingsgesprek is volgende week, en ik hoop op goede feedback over mijn werk.

Uitstel aanvragen
Definition: To request an extension. To ask for more time to complete a task or project.

Ik zal om uitstel moeten vragen aangezien ik de informatie niet op tijd kan verzamelen.

De bal ligt bij jou
Definition: The ball is in your court. It means that the next action or decision must be made by you.

De bal ligt nu bij jou; laat ons weten wat jouw beslissing is.

Niet op één dag gebouwd
Definition: Not built in a day. An expression used to indicate that something takes time to complete and cannot be rushed, much like the English expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

We moeten geduld hebben met dit project; het is niet op één dag gebouwd.

These expressions will likely come up regularly in a Dutch corporate environment. Achieving fluency in a language involves not just mastering the grammar and vocabulary but also understanding cultural nuances, including idiomatic expressions. By using these Dutch phrases and expressions, you’ll not only enhance your language skills but also show cultural awareness and a professional attitude in your workplace.

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