Colors and Shapes Vocabulary in Kazakh

Learning the Kazakh language presents an exciting opportunity to delve into the rich cultural tapestry of Central Asia. One of the most fundamental aspects of any language is the vocabulary pertaining to colors and shapes. These basic elements not only enhance descriptive ability but also improve overall communication skills. In this article, we will explore the essential colors and shapes vocabulary in Kazakh, complete with practical examples to help you master their usage in everyday conversations.

Understanding Colors in Kazakh

Colors are ubiquitous and play a vital role in communication. They can describe objects, express feelings, and even dictate behavior. In Kazakh, colors are referred to as “tüs” (түс).

Red in Kazakh is “qyzyl” (қызыл). This color often symbolizes passion and energy.
– “Ol qyzyl alma ushydy” (Ол қызыл алма ұстыды) translates to “He/she held a red apple.”

Blue is “kök” (көк), a color that can represent both tranquility and sadness.
– “Aspandağı kök aspan” (Аспандағы көк аспан) means “The blue sky above.”

Green, known as “jasil” (жасыл), typically symbolizes nature and growth.
– “Jasil shöpte mäşin tur” (Жасыл шөпте мәшін тұр) means “The car is on the green grass.”

Yellow, or “sary” (сары), often represents warmth or caution.
– “Sary güldi kör” (Сары гүлді көр) translates to “Look at the yellow flower.”

Black (“qara” – қара) and white (“aq” – ақ) are also commonly used colors in Kazakh.
– “Qara it zhügirip barady” (Қара ит жүгіріп барады) means “The black dog is running.”
– “Aq qar jauyp tur” (Ақ қар жауып тұр) translates to “The white snow is falling.”

Shapes Vocabulary in Kazakh

Shapes (pıshyn – пішін) are another basic component of language that help in describing objects around us.

Circle, known as “shye” (шеңбер) in Kazakh, is used to describe anything round.
– “Shye stol üstinde tur” (Шеңбер стол үстінде тұр) means “The circle is on the table.”

Square is referred to as “sharshy” (шаршы).
– “Sharshy qagaz” (Шаршы қағаз) translates to “Square paper.”

Rectangle, or “tikbұrysh” (тікбұрыш), is often used to describe doors, windows, and books.
– “Tikbұrysh esik” (Тікбұрыш есік) means “Rectangle door.”

Triangle is “үshbұrysh” (үшбұрыш) in Kazakh.
– “Үshbұrysh zhäne kök” (Үшбұрыш және көк) translates to “The triangle and blue.”

Oval is called “säulek” (сәулек).
– “Säulek ayna” (Сәулек айна) means “Oval mirror.”

Combining Colors and Shapes in Sentences

Describing objects using both colors and shapes can enhance your Kazakh vocabulary significantly.

– “Qyzyl sharshy qagaz” (Қызыл шаршы қағаз) translates to “The red square paper.”
– “Kök tikbұrysh kitap” (Көк тікбұрыш кітап) means “The blue rectangle book.”

Practical Applications

Using these words in practical scenarios such as shopping, traveling, or art classes can be incredibly beneficial. For instance:
– “Men jasil üshbұrysh satyp alğym kelіp tur” (Мен жасыл үшбұрыш сатып алғым келіп тұр) means “I want to buy a green triangle.”


Mastering the vocabulary of colors and shapes in Kazakh not only broadens your linguistic skills but also helps you engage more deeply with the Kazakh culture. Regular practice and usage of these words in your daily interaction will make your learning journey smoother and more enjoyable. Remember, language is the road map of a culture, and knowing the vocabulary of colors and shapes in Kazakh will certainly enrich your travels and interactions in Kazakhstan.

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