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Chinese Vocabulary for Weather and Seasons

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Weather and seasons play a significant role in our daily lives, and discussing them often serves as a great icebreaker in conversations. In Chinese culture, the changing of seasons is also deeply connected to a plethora of traditional festivals and customs. Whether you’re planning a trip to China or simply looking to expand your Mandarin vocabulary, here is a list of essential Chinese vocabulary related to weather and seasons to get you started.

天气 (tiānqì) – Weather
Understanding how to talk about the weather can be useful for planning activities or starting conversations with locals.
今天的天气怎么样?(Jīntiān de tiānqì zěnme yàng?) – How’s the weather today?

季节 (jìjié) – Seasons
China experiences four distinct seasons, and each has its own characteristics and associated cultural events.
中国有四个季节。(Zhōngguó yǒu sì gè jìjié.) – China has four seasons.

春天 (chūntiān) – Spring
Spring is often associated with renewal and the blooming of flowers.
春天,花儿开了。(Chūntiān, huār kāi le.) – In spring, the flowers bloom.

夏天 (xiàtiān) – Summer
Summer in many parts of China can be quite hot and is perfect for various outdoor activities.
夏天的时候,天气很热。(Xiàtiān de shíhou, tiānqì hěn rè.) – It’s very hot during the summer.

秋天 (qiūtiān) – Autumn
Autumn brings cooler weather and is often associated with harvests and the Mid-Autumn Festival.
秋天是收获的季节。(Qiūtiān shì shōuhuò de jìjié.) – Autumn is the season of harvest.

冬天 (dōngtiān) – Winter
Winter can be very cold, especially in the northern parts of China, and is the season when people celebrate the Chinese New Year.
冬天要穿很多衣服。(Dōngtiān yào chuān hěnduō yīfu.) – You have to wear a lot of clothes in winter.

温度 (wēndù) – Temperature
Knowing how to discuss the temperature can help you decide what to wear or do.
今天温度有点低。(Jīntiān wēndù yǒudiǎn dī.) – The temperature is a bit low today.

(lěng) – Cold
This is a word you’ll definitely need during the cooler months.
今天很冷,记得带手套。(Jīntiān hěn lěng, jìdé dài shǒutào.) – It’s very cold today, remember to bring gloves.

(rè) – Hot
When summer hits, you’ll find many opportunities to use this word in conversation.
今天太热了,我们去游泳吧。(Jīntiān tài rè le, wǒmen qù yóuyǒng ba.) – It’s too hot today, let’s go swimming.

气温 (qìwēn) – Air Temperature
Air temperature readings help people gauge how the day will feel like weather-wise.
明天的气温会下降十度。(Míngtiān de qìwēn huì xiàjiàng shí dù.) – The air temperature will drop by ten degrees tomorrow.

(yǔ) – Rain
Rain is common in many parts of China, especially during the monsoon season.
出门的时候别忘了带伞,今天会下雨。(Chūmén de shíhou bié wàngle dài sǎn, jīntiān huì xià yǔ.) – Don’t forget to bring an umbrella when you go out, it will rain today.

(xuě) – Snow
Snowfalls can be quite beautiful, particularly if you’re in the right place in China.
昨天晚上下了很大的雪。(Zuótiān wǎnshang xià le hěn dà de xuě.) – It snowed heavily last night.

晴天 (qíngtiān) – Sunny Day
A sunny day often means clear skies and a lot of outdoor fun.
今天是个晴天,我们去爬山吧。(Jīntiān shì gè qíngtiān, wǒmen qù páshān ba.) – Today is a sunny day, let’s go hiking.

阴天 (yīntiān) – Overcast Day
An overcast day may be gloomy, but it can also offer relief from the intense sun.
阴天的时候最适合在家看书。(Yīntiān de shíhou zuì shìhé zài jiā kànshū.) – An overcast day is perfect for reading at home.

多云 (duōyún) – Cloudy
Marked by plenty of clouds in the sky, not necessarily gloomy days.
今天天气预报说会多云。(Jīntiān tiānqì yùbào shuō huì duōyún.) – The weather forecast says it will be cloudy today.

(fēng) – Wind
The wind can cool down a hot day or bring in a cold front.
今天风好大,别忘了带风衣。(Jīntiān fēng hǎo dà, bié wàngle dài fēngyī.) – The wind is strong today, don’t forget to bring a windbreaker.

Now that you have learned these basic Chinese vocabulary words for weather and seasons, you’re ready to not only check the weather forecast in Mandarin but also start conversations about seasonal activities or share your preferences with friends and language partners. The weather is an essential topic in any language and mastering these terms will help you connect more deeply with Chinese culture and its people. Happy language learning!

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