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Business Hindi: Essential Vocabulary

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When diving into the world of business in any Hindi-speaking region, it is crucial to be equipped with the right set of vocabulary to communicate effectively. Here is a list of essential Business Hindi vocabulary that will help you navigate meetings, negotiations, and professional gatherings with ease.

व्यवसाय (Vyavasaay) – Business
The word “व्यवसाय” refers to the concept of business or profession in Hindi.
मेरा व्यवसाय बहुत सफल है। (Mera vyavasaay bahut safal hai.) – My business is very successful.

लाभ (Laabh) – Profit
“लाभ” means profit, the financial gain that is especially important in a business context.
हमारी कंपनी ने इस वर्ष अच्छा लाभ कमाया है। (Hamaari company ne is varsh achchha laabh kamaya hai.) – Our company has earned good profit this year.

नुकसान (Nuksaan) – Loss
On the flip side, “नुकसान” refers to a loss in the business.
इस डील से हमें बड़ा नुकसान हुआ। (Is deal se hamein bada nuksaan hua.) – We incurred a big loss from this deal.

बाज़ार (Bazaar) – Market
The term “बाज़ार” is used for market, a place where trade happens.
भारतीय बाज़ार में नया उत्पाद लांच करना है। (Bharatiya bazaar mein naya utpaad launch karna hai.) – We have to launch a new product in the Indian market.

साझेदारी (Saajhedaari) – Partnership
“साझेदारी” refers to a partnership or collaboration in business.
हमें एक मजबूत साझेदारी की जरूरत है। (Humein ek majboot saajhedaari ki zaroorat hai.) – We need a strong partnership.

निवेश (Nivesh) – Investment
“निवेश” stands for the money that is invested in a business or project.
हम अपने नए प्रोजेक्ट में और निवेश करेंगे। (Hum apne naye project mein aur nivesh karenge.) – We will invest more in our new project.

शेयर (Share) – Share
A “शेयर” represents a unit of ownership in a company.
मैंने इस कंपनी के कुछ शेयर ख़रीदे हैं। (Maine is company ke kuch share khareede hain.) – I have bought some shares of this company.

समझौता (Samjhaautaa) – Agreement
“समझौता” signifies an agreement between parties, often in a contract or settlement.
समझौते की शर्तें सभी पक्षों को मान्य होनी चाहिए। (Samjhaute ki sharten sabhi pakshon ko maany honi chahiye.) – The terms of the agreement should be acceptable to all parties.

उद्योग (Udyog) – Industry
The term “उद्योग” is used for industry, referring to the production of goods or related services within an economy.
भारत में दवाई उद्योग तेजी से बढ़ रहा है। (Bharat mein dawai udyog tezi se badh raha hai.) – The pharmaceutical industry in India is growing rapidly.

व्यापारी (Vyaapaari) – Businessperson/Trader
“व्यापारी” denotes a businessperson or trader who is involved in commercial activities.
वह एक सफल व्यापारी है। (Vah ek safal vyaapaari hai.) – He is a successful businessman.

सम्मेलन (Sammelan) – Conference
“सम्मेलन” refers to a conference or formal meeting where people gather to discuss issues or topics.
अगले महीने बैंकिंग सम्मेलन में भाग लेना है। (Agle maheene banking sammelan mein bhaag lena hai.) – I have to participate in the banking conference next month.

Understanding and using these essential Business Hindi words will undoubtedly improve your ability to discuss and handle business matters with Hindi-speaking colleagues, partners, and clients. As you grow your vocabulary, you’ll not only earn respect but also have the ability to create more nuanced and precise communication, which is the cornerstone of successful business relationships.

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