Which language do you want to learn?

Which language do you want to learn?

Basic Questions and Answers in Ukrainian

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Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities, allowing you to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. If you are starting your journey with Ukrainian, grasping some basic questions and answers is essential. Here is a guide to help you with the fundamentals of conversing in Ukrainian.

Як вас звати? – What is your name?
This is a commonly used phrase when you meet someone for the first time.
Привіт, як вас звати? – Hello, what is your name?

Мене звати… – My name is…
You would use this phrase to introduce yourself to others.
Привіт, мене звати Анна. – Hello, my name is Anna.

Як справи? – How are you?
This is a polite way to inquire about someone’s wellbeing.
Як справи у тебе сьогодні? – How are you doing today?

Добре, дякую! – Good, thank you!
This is the response you give when someone asks how you are.
Як справи?Добре, дякую! – – How are you? – Good, thank you!

І вас також. – You too.
You can use this phrase to return the sentiment.
– Бажаю хорошого дня. – І вас також. – – Have a good day. – You too.

Звідки ви? – Where are you from?
This question is about someone’s origin or where they live.
Звідки ви родом? – Where are you from originally?

Я з… – I am from…
Use this phrase to tell someone about where you are from.
Я з України. – I am from Ukraine.

Скільки вам років? – How old are you?
This question is used to ask about someone’s age.
Скільки вам років, якщо не секрет? – How old are you, if it’s not a secret?

Мені… років. – I am…years old.
This is the way to tell someone your age in Ukrainian.
Мені двадцять п’ять років. – I am twenty-five years old.

Що ви робите? – What are you doing?
Used to ask someone what they are currently doing or what their job or occupation is.
Що ви робите зараз? – What are you doing right now?

Я працюю… – I work…
A response to the above question about your job or occupation.
Я працюю вчителем. – I work as a teacher.

Learning basic questions and answers like these is the first step towards becoming conversant in Ukrainian. As you might have noticed, polite conversation often entails a back-and-forth of questions and answers, so practice these basics frequently to become more comfortable with the language. Take your time to listen to the pronunciation of native speakers, and don’t be hesitant to strike up simple conversations. Happy learning!

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