Basic Macedonian Phrases for Beginners

Macedonian, a South Slavic language, is the official language of North Macedonia. It’s closely related to Bulgarian and Serbian and shares the Cyrillic script with them. Learning basic Macedonian phrases can enhance your travel experience, help you make new friends, and deepen your understanding of the Balkan culture. This article will guide you through the essential phrases you need to know as a beginner.

Greetings and Politeness

When meeting people in Macedonia, it’s polite to use basic greetings and phrases. Here are some that you can use:

Добро утро (Dobro utro) – Good morning.

Добар ден (Dobar den) – Good afternoon.

Добра вечер (Dobra vecher) – Good evening.

Здраво (Zdravo) or Здравей (Zdravei) – Hello.

Довиѓање (Dovidjanje) – Goodbye.

Expressing thanks is another crucial aspect of politeness:

Благодарам (Blagodaram) – Thank you.

Многу благодарам (Mnogu blagodaram) – Thank you very much.

When you want to show extra courtesy, you might say:

Ве молам (Ve molam) – Please.

Извинете (Izvinete) – Excuse me or sorry.

Basic Questions

Asking questions can help you learn more about the culture and the people. Here are some basic question phrases:

Како си? (Kako si?) – How are you?

Што правиш? (Shto pravish?) – What are you doing?

Каде одиш? (Kade odis?) – Where are you going?

If you need to ask for help or directions, you might say:

Може ли да ми помогнеш? (Mozhe li da mi pomognesh?) – Can you help me?

Каде е тоалетот? (Kade e toaletot?) – Where is the bathroom?

Ordering Food and Drinks

One of the pleasures of visiting Macedonia is trying the local cuisine. Here are some phrases that might come in handy in a restaurant:

Сакам да нарачам… (Sakam da naracham…) – I would like to order…

Може ли менито, ве молам? (Mozhe li menito, ve molam?) – Can I have the menu, please?

Што препорачувате? (Shto preporachuvate?) – What do you recommend?

To specify your drink preferences, you could say:

Едно кафе, ве молам. (Edno kafe, ve molam.) – One coffee, please.

Вода без гас, ве молам. (Voda bez gas, ve molam.) – Still water, please.

Shopping and Bargaining

Shopping in local markets can be an exciting experience, and knowing some Macedonian can help you navigate better. Here are some phrases to use:

Колку чини ова? (Kolku chini ova?) – How much is this?

Може ли попуст? (Mozhe li popust?) – Can I get a discount?

If you’re looking for something specific, you might need to ask:

Дали имате… (Dali imate…) – Do you have…

Барам… (Baram…) – I’m looking for…

Emergencies and Important Phrases

Knowing some phrases for emergencies is crucial for any traveler:

Помош! (Pomosh!) – Help!

Имам проблем. (Imam problem.) – I have a problem.

Повикајте лекар. (Povikajte lekar.) – Call a doctor.

It’s also helpful to indicate that you do not understand something:

Не разбирам. (Ne razbiram.) – I don’t understand.

Зборувате ли англиски? (Zboruvate li angliski?) – Do you speak English?


Learning these basic Macedonian phrases will not only make your stay in Macedonia more enjoyable but also help you connect with locals. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t hesitate to use these phrases as much as possible. Good luck, or as Macedonians say, Со среќа (So sreka)!

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