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Basic Hindi Words for Shopping Experiences

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When traveling to India or speaking with Hindi-speaking individuals, knowing some basic Hindi words can significantly enhance your shopping experiences. This handy list of vocabulary will help you navigate through markets, boutiques, and malls, making your interactions more pleasant and your transactions smoother.

Meaning: Shop or Store
Yeh dukaan kab khulti hai?
Translation: What time does this shop open?

Meaning: Price or Cost
Is cheez ka daam kya hai?
Translation: What’s the price of this item?

Meaning: Bargaining or Haggling
Bhaav-tavv karne do, shayad daam kam ho jaye.
Translation: Let me bargain, perhaps the price will reduce.

Meaning: Deal or Bargain
Mujhe ek achha sauda mila hai.
Translation: I have got a good deal.

Meaning: Cloth or Fabric
Mujhe saste daam mein achhe kapde chahiye.
Translation: I need good quality clothes at a cheap price.

Meaning: To Exchange or To Return
Kya main ise badal sakta hoon agar size nahin aaya toh?
Translation: Can I exchange this if the size doesn’t fit?

Bhaari Chhut
Meaning: Heavy Discount
Diwali ke mauke par dukaan mein bhaari chhut di ja rahi hai.
Translation: A heavy discount is being offered at the shop for Diwali.

Meaning: Cash or Safe
Kripya, bill aur badla hua paisa tijori mein rakhein.
Translation: Please keep the bill and the change in the cash register.

Meaning: Receipt or Bill
Kya aap mujhe raseed de sakte hain?
Translation: Can you give me the receipt?

Chhutta Paisa
Meaning: Change (money)
Kya aapke paas chhutta paisa hai?
Translation: Do you have change (smaller currency)?

Meaning: To Weigh
Kripya, sabziyon ko taul dijiye.
Translation: Please, weigh the vegetables.

Meaning: Wonderful or Fantastic
Aapki dukaan toh vaakai adbhut hai!
Translation: Your shop is indeed wonderful!

Saste Mein
Meaning: At a Lower Price or Cheap
Kya aap ye joota saste mein de sakte hain?
Translation: Can you give these shoes at a lower price?

Meaning: Expensive
Ye bag bahut mehega hai.
Translation: This bag is very expensive.

Meaning: Splendid or Excellent
Aapki pasand waakai shaandar hai!
Translation: Your choice is really splendid!

Having these basic words in your Hindi vocabulary can make your shopping trips more gratifying and efficient. You can connect with shopkeepers and get better deals while immersing yourself in the local culture. Happy shopping, or as you would say in Hindi, “Khush kharidari!”

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