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Which language do you want to learn?

Basic Azerbaijani Phrases for Travelers

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Traveling to Azerbaijan can be a wonderful experience, and having a few basic phrases in Azerbaijani will not only enhance your journey but also help you connect with the local people. Azerbaijani, also known as Azeri, is the official language of Azerbaijan and is spoken by millions in the country. Here are some essential phrases that you can use during your travels.

1. Salam – Hello
This is the most basic greeting in Azerbaijani, suitable for most encounters.
Salam, necəsən? – Hello, how are you?

2. Xoşbəxtəm – Pleased to meet you
A courteous way to express pleasure upon meeting someone.
Tanış olduğuma xoşbəxtəm. – Pleased to meet you.

3. Necəsən? – How are you?
An amiable way to inquire about someone’s well-being.
Salam, necəsən? – Hello, how are you?

4. Yaxşıyam, sağ ol – I’m fine, thank you
A positive response to ‘Necəsən?’ showing gratitude.
Necəsən? – Yaxşıyam, sağ ol. – How are you? – I’m fine, thank you.

5. Adınız nədir? – What is your name?
A question to ask someone’s name in a polite way.
Bağışlayın, adınız nədir? – Excuse me, what is your name?

6. Mənim adım [your name] – My name is [your name]
An introduction of oneself with one’s name.
Mənim adım John. – My name is John.

7. Bağışlayın – Excuse me
A polite way to get someone’s attention or to apologize.
Bağışlayın, bu avtobus şəhər mərkəzinə gedir mi? – Excuse me, does this bus go to the city center?

8. Sağ ol / Sağ olun – Thank you
A versatile phrase used to express gratitude; ‘Sağ olun’ is the plural/formal version.
Köməyiniz üçün sağ olun. – Thank you for your help.

9. Xahiş edirəm – You’re welcome
A courteous response to ‘Sağ ol’ when thanked.
Sağ ol! – Xahiş edirəm. – Thank you! – You’re welcome.

10. Bəli – Yes
An affirmation to state agreement or to answer positively.
Bu sizin çantanızdır? – Bəli. – Is this your bag? – Yes.

11. Xeyr – No
A simple negation to disagree or deny something.
Bu otelə yaxındır? – Xeyr. – Is this close to the hotel? – No.

12. Nə qədərdir? – How much is it?
A question posed to inquire about the price of an item or service.
Bu nə qədərdir? – How much is this?

13. Həkim – Doctor
Useful to know in case one needs medical attention.
Mənə həkim lazımdır. – I need a doctor.

14. Kömək edin! – Help!
A cry for assistance in urgent situations.
Zəhmət olmasa kömək edin! – Please help!

15. Tuvalet haradadır? – Where is the bathroom?
A practical question to find restrooms while traveling.
Bağışlayın, tuvalet haradadır? – Excuse me, where is the bathroom?

These basic phrases serve as a great starting point for communicating with locals and navigating through Azerbaijan. The effort to speak Azerbaijani, even at a simple level, will be greatly appreciated and can significantly enrich your travel experience.

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