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Architectural and Real Estate Vocabulary in Bosnian

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Learning a new language can be an exciting and enriching experience, especially when you start exploring specific terminology used in different fields. If you’re interested in architecture or real estate and are learning Bosnian, it’s beneficial to know the relevant vocabulary. Here are some key architectural and real estate terms in Bosnian, with definitions and example sentences.

A general term for real estate or property. It encompasses both land and buildings.
Razmišljam o ulaganju u nekretninu na obali.

Stambeni objekat
Refers to a residential building or facility.
Tražimo stambeni objekat koji je pogodan za veliku porodicu.

Poslovni prostor
A term for commercial space or premises.
Naša firma traži poslovni prostor u centru grada.

The foundation of a building or structure.
Prije izgradnje zgrade, moramo postaviti čvrst temelj.

A wall in a building or any other kind of physical barrier.
Molim vas, ofarbajte zid u dnevnoj sobi.

A window, an opening in the wall that lets in light and air and provides a view.
Ovaj prozor pruža prekrasan pogled na more.

A door, a movable barrier used to open and close an entranceway.
Zatvorite vrata, puše propuh.

The roof of a building.
Morate popraviti krov prije zime.

A floor or the surface of a room on which one stands.
Hoćemo li staviti parket ili pločice na pod u novoj kući?

An attic, the space found directly below the pitched roof of a building or house.
U tavanu čuvamo stare obiteljske stvari.

Parquet or hardwood flooring.
Sviđa mi se ovaj uzorak parketa.

Centralno grijanje
Central heating system found in buildings and houses.
Zgrada ima novo centralno grijanje.

Klima uređaj
An air conditioning unit.
Ljeti ne možemo bez klima uređaja zbog vrućina.

A terrace, an open, flat area often on the top of a building or attached to a building.
Volim piti jutarnju kafu na terasi gledajući grad.

A balcony, a platform projecting from the wall of a building, supported by columns or console brackets, and enclosed with a railing.
Stan s balkonom ima predivan pogled na park.

A construction site, an area where construction work is being carried out.
Gradilište pored naše zgrade radi punom parom.

A model, usually a miniature representation of a construction.
Maketa naše nove kuće izgleda impresivno.

These are just a few terms to get you started on your journey to learning Bosnian architectural and real estate vocabulary. Whether you’re a professional in the field or someone interested in property investments, knowing these words can help you communicate more effectively and understand various aspects of the industry. Keep practicing and immerse yourself in the language to further expand your vocabulary in this area. Sretno! (Good luck!)

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