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Arabic words for describing personality

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When learning Arabic, one of the most fascinating aspects is understanding how to describe the multifaceted nature of human personality. Whether it’s to strike up a conversation with a native speaker or to improve your descriptive abilities in the language, knowing these terms can be incredibly useful. Below, you will find a list of Arabic words that are commonly used for describing someone’s personality, along with their definitions and examples of how to use each in a sentence.

مرح (Murah)
Meaning: Joyful or fun-loving.
هو شخص مرح ويحب الدعابة.
Translation: He is a fun-loving person and enjoys joking around.

جاد (Jidd)
Meaning: Serious.
أختي جادة في دراستها.
Translation: My sister is serious about her studies.

طموح (Tamooḥ)
Meaning: Ambitious.
الطالب الطموح يسعى دوماً للتفوق.
Translation: An ambitious student always strives for excellence.

متواضع (Mutawaadi’)
Meaning: Humble.
يُعجَب الناس بتواضعه رغم نجاحه.
Translation: People admire his humility despite his success.

صبور (Sabuur)
Meaning: Patient.
المعلم صبور مع تلاميذه.
Translation: The teacher is patient with his students.

متفائل (Mutafa’il)
Meaning: Optimistic.
أنا دائماً متفائل بالمستقبل.
Translation: I am always optimistic about the future.

كريم (Kareem)
Meaning: Generous.
جدي كريم ويحب مساعدة الآخرين.
Translation: My grandfather is generous and loves helping others.

خجول (Khajool)
Meaning: Shy.
الطفل خجول عند لقاء أشخاص جدد.
Translation: The child is shy when meeting new people.

مرن (Murrin)
Meaning: Flexible or adaptable.
الموظف المرن يتكيف مع جميع الظروف.
Translation: A flexible employee adapts to all situations.

مخلص (Mukhlis)
Meaning: Loyal or devoted.
الكلب مخلص لصاحبه.
Translation: The dog is loyal to its owner.

متحفظ (Mutahafizz)
Meaning: Reserved or conservative.
هي شخصية متحفظة ولا تتحدث كثيراً.
Translation: She is a reserved person and does not talk much.

ذكي (Dhaki)
Meaning: Smart or intelligent.
الطالب الذكي يجيب على الأسئلة بسرعة.
Translation: The smart student quickly answers the questions.

حنون (Hanoun)
Meaning: Affectionate or tender-hearted.
الأم حنونة تجاه أطفالها.
Translation: The mother is affectionate towards her children.

مثابر (Muthabir)
Meaning: Perseverant or diligent.
العامل المثابر يحقق النجاح.
Translation: The diligent worker achieves success.

متسرع (Mutasarie’)
Meaning: Impulsive or hasty.
أحيانًا يكون قراره متسرعًا عند شراء شيء جديد.
Translation: Sometimes his decision is impulsive when buying something new.

Mastering these vocabulary terms can help enhance your communication skills and better express the nuances of personality in Arabic. Whether it’s describing someone’s temperament, attitude, or behavior, these words are integral to portraying a vivid and clear picture of the person in question. Happy learning!

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