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Afrikaans Vocabulary for Special Occasions

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In this article, we will explore a selection of Afrikaans vocabulary related to special occasions. Whether you are attending a birthday party, a wedding or celebrating a national holiday, these words will help you to communicate and enjoy the festivities like a local.

Verjaardag (Birthday)
A birthday celebration is called ‘verjaardag’ in Afrikaans. This is a time for gifts, cake, and celebrations with loved ones.

Ons vier my ma se verjaardag vandag met ‘n groot partytjie.

Troue (Wedding)
The Afrikaans word for wedding, ‘troue,’ denotes the ceremony where two individuals are united in marriage.

Die troue vind plaas by ‘n pragtige wynplaas buite die stad.

Herdenking (Anniversary)
An anniversary of a significant event, such as a wedding, is called a ‘herdenking’ in Afrikaans.

Hulle vier vanaand hul tiende huweliksherdenking by ‘n luukse restaurant.

Kersfees (Christmas)
Christmas, or ‘Kersfees’ in Afrikaans, is a festive holiday celebrated on December 25th, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Ons gesin kom altyd saam op Kersfees om geskenke uit te ruil en saam te eet.

Nuwejaar (New Year)
‘Nuwejaar’ is the Afrikaans term for New Year, the time marking the beginning of the next calendar year.

Ons gaan vanjaar ‘n groot Nuwejaarspartytjie by die strand hou.

Paasfees (Easter)
Easter in Afrikaans is ‘Paasfees’, which is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Kinders soek graag na Paaseiers gedurende Paasfees.

Begrafnis (Funeral)
A solemn occasion, a funeral is referred to as ‘begrafnis’ in Afrikaans, where friends and family gather to mourn and remember a deceased loved one.

Almal het swart klere gedra by Oom Pieter se begrafnis.

Matriekafskeid (Prom)
The prom, known as ‘matriekafskeid’ in Afrikaans, is a formal dance or gathering of high school students typically held near the end of the senior year.

Sy het ‘n pragtige rok gekoop vir die matriekafskeid.

Doop (Baptism)
The Christian sacrament of ‘doop’ or baptism involves the use of water and signifies the acceptance of an individual into the religious community.

Die doopseremonie vind Sondagoggend by die kerk plaas.

Braai (Barbecue)
A ‘braai’ is a South African barbecue where friends and family cook meat over an open fire and often occurs during public holidays or special occasions.

Ons het gister ‘n gesellige braai by my huis gehad vir die rugbywedstryd.

By incorporating these Afrikaans vocabulary words into your language learning, you’ll be better equipped to participate in and enjoy various special occasions in Afrikaans-speaking cultures. As with any language, context and cultural nuances are essential, so embrace the opportunity to practice these words and enjoy the rich traditions surrounding them.

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