Pronominal Verb Exercises For French Grammar

Pronominal verbs are a unique feature of French grammar that can initially be challenging for students to grasp. These verbs are accompanied by a reflexive pronoun, which refers back to the subject of the sentence. They can be used to express reflexive actions (e.g., se laver – to wash oneself), reciprocal actions (e.g., se parler – to talk to each other), or idiomatic expressions (e.g., se souvenir de – to remember). In this series of exercises, we will practice using pronominal verbs in various contexts to help you become more comfortable and confident in using them. Remember to pay close attention to verb conjugation and agreement, as well as the placement of the reflexive pronoun.

Exercice 1: Les verbes pronominaux

Exercice 2: Les verbes pronominaux au passé

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