Wish/if only Englannin kieliopin harjoitukset

English grammar’s ”wish/if only” constructions are a useful way to express regrets, wishes, and hypothetical situations. Understanding and using these structures correctly can drastically improve your ability to communicate nuanced feelings and thoughts.

In English, ”wish” and ”if only” are often used to talk about things that we would like to be different in the present or the past. They sometimes can be used to express desires for the future as well. However, it’s important to note that the verb tense that follows ”wish” or ”if only” might be different than what you’d expect. These exercises aim to enhance your grasp of these subtleties.

Harjoitus 1: Toiveet tämänhetkisistä tai tulevista tilanteista

I *wish* I could fly like a bird.

She wishes she *were* (were) taller.

If only I *had* (had) a chance to explain myself.

He wishes he *did* not have so much homework.

I wish it *were* (were) not raining right now.

If only they *would* (would) listen to my advice.

I wish you *would* (would) stop making that noise.

She wishes she *could* (could) attend the party next weekend.

If only I *had* (had) more time to study for this exam.

He wishes he *lived* (lived) closer to his workplace.

They wish the weather *were* (were) better for their wedding day.

I wish my friends *wouldn’t* (wouldn’t) argue so much.

She wishes her parents *would* (would) trust her more.

If only I *could* (could) turn back time.

He wishes he *had* (had) learned to play the piano as a child.

Harjoitus 2: Toiveet menneistä tilanteista

I wish I *hadn’t* (hadn’t) eaten so much cake yesterday.

She wishes she *had* (had) taken the job offer last year.

If only we *hadn’t* (hadn’t) missed the train!

He wishes he *had* (had) studied harder in college.

I wish I *had* known about the meeting earlier. (had)

If only I *could* rewrite that email before sending it. (could)

She wishes she *had* seen her grandmother one last time. (had)

He wishes he *hadn’t* lost his temper with his brother. (hadn’t)

They wish they *had* brought their camera on the trip. (had)

If only you *had* told me you needed help. (had)

I wish we *hadn’t* spent so much money on a new TV. (hadn’t)

If only she *could* have recognized him sooner. (could)

He wishes he *had* agreed to move to the new city. (had)

She wishes she *hadn’t* been so critical of her friend. (hadn’t)

If only I *had* known that was the last time I would see him. (had)


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