Past Progressive Oefeningen voor Engelse grammatica

De Past Progressive, ook bekend als de Past Continuous, is een Engelse tijd die wordt gebruikt om aan te geven dat een bepaalde handeling in het verleden aan de gang was. Het helpt te benadrukken dat een actie of situatie tijdelijk was en voortduurde over een bepaalde periode. Deze oefeningen zijn bedoeld om de kennis van studenten over de toepassing van de Past Progressive in Engelse zinnen te versterken.

In de volgende oefeningen zullen studenten de correcte vorm van het werkwoord in de Past Progressive moeten invullen. Het is belangrijk om op de context van de zin te letten, omdat deze de juiste vorm van het werkwoord kan beïnvloeden. Door deze oefeningen te doen, zullen studenten hun begrip van de Past Progressive verbeteren en beter worden in het toepassen ervan in zowel geschreven als gesproken Engels.

Oefening 1: Vul het juiste werkwoord in de Past Progressive in.

Last night at 7 PM, I *(was watching)* (watch) TV.

While they *(were hiking)* (hike), they saw a beautiful sunset.

She *(was talking)* (talk) on the phone when it suddenly died.

What *(were you doing)* (do) when the earthquake struck?

They *(were not listening)* (listen) to the teacher during the lesson.

As we *(were driving)* (drive) home, we listened to old songs.

The cat *(was sleeping)* (sleep) on the couch all afternoon.

We *(were eating)* (eat) dinner when they arrived.

At this time yesterday, I *(was sitting)* (sit) in traffic for hours.

While Joe *(was washing)* (wash) the car, he found a scratch on the door.

The kids *(were playing)* (play) in the park when it started to rain.

She *(was not paying)* (pay) attention to me while I was talking.

They *(were studying)* (study) for the exam together last night.

We *(were laughing)* (laugh) at the joke when the principal walked in.

He *(was trying)* (try) to fix the bike when you called.

Oefening 2: Kies het correcte Past Progressive werkwoord.

She *(was wearing)* (wear) a bright red dress at the party last night.

The students *(were discussing)* (discuss) the project when the bell rang.

I *(was thinking)* (think) about moving to a new city while I traveled.

My parents *(were sitting)* (sit) on the porch and were drinking tea yesterday afternoon.

It *(was raining)* (rain) the entire weekend.

We *(were not believing)* (believe) the rumors until we read the news.

The baby *(was crying)* (cry) when I picked him up.

Mary and Paul *(were not expecting)* (expect) anyone when you surprised them.

I *(was trying)* (try) to learn Italian, but it was too difficult.

During the game, the fans *(were cheering)* (cheer) loudly for their team.

While I *(was waiting)* (wait) at the bus stop, I made a new friend.

She *(was baking)* (bake) cookies when I arrived at her house.

They all *(were having)* (have) fun at the beach when the storm hit.

The teacher *(was explaining)* (explain) the lesson, but some students were not listening.

The band *(was playing)* (play) my favorite song as I walked into the concert.




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