Possessives 英语语法练习




This is *John’s* (name) book; he left it on the table.

I met *Sandra’s* (name) brother at the conference last week.

The cat has finally found *its* (pronoun) way home.

They are neighbors; *Mike’s* (name) house is right next to Sarah’s.

Can you help me fix the wheel of *my* (pronoun) bike?

We visited the *Smiths’* (family name) new apartment yesterday.

*Her* (pronoun) presentation was the most interesting one of the day.

Don’t forget to sign *your* (pronoun) name on the document.

The report is on *the teacher’s* (occupation) desk.

*Our* (pronoun) vacation plans are still up in the air.

*His* (pronoun) comments were not taken into account.

Do you know where *Tim’s* (name) keys are?

*The company’s* (entity) profits have increased this quarter.

She will be staying at *her aunt’s* (family member) house over the weekend.

The weather today is not as good as *yesterday’s* (time).


I borrowed a pencil from one of *my classmates’* (possession) desks.

All of *the company’s* (entity) employees received a bonus.

It’s not *your* (pronoun) fault; the instructions were not clear.

The children put up drawings on *their* (pronoun) bedroom walls.

The cover of *the book* (object) is torn; it needs to be replaced.

*Their* (pronoun) new teacher seems very nice and knowledgeable.

The decision should be made in the *clients’* (possession) best interest.

The bird built *its* (pronoun) nest in the tree outside my window.

You can find the spoons in *the kitchen’s* (room) second drawer.

*Susan’s* (name) idea was chosen for the project last week.

I haven’t seen *Tom’s* (name) performance, is it good?

During the trip, we took lots of photos with *our* (pronoun) cameras.

The championship trophy has *the team’s* (group) name on it.

*Becky’s* (name) reaction to the surprise was priceless.

The headphones are not mine; they’re *my brother’s* (family member).




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