Participles 英语语法练习




She was there, *watching* (watch) the children play in the park.

You need to complete the report, *including* (include) all the recent data.

The show was so *entertaining* (entertain) that we didn’t notice the time passing.

He walked into the room, *carrying* (carry) a bunch of flowers.

The book, *lying* (lie) on the table, is mine.

*Feeling* (feel) tired, I decided to go to bed early.

The *barking* (bark) dogs kept us up all night.

She provided some very *interesting* (interest) facts during the lecture.

While *reading* (read) the novel, I could imagine the scenes vividly.

They sat by the window, *watching* (watch) the sunset.

*Wearing* (wear) a seatbelt is essential for safety while driving.

We were all *laughing* (laugh) at the comedian’s jokes.

The students, *working* (work) in groups, came up with some great ideas.

*Running* (run) for the train, he dropped his wallet.

The *roaring* (roar) of the lions could be heard from far away.


The window *broken* (break) during the storm has been fixed.

The movie was very *moving* (move), and it brought tears to my eyes.

All the tickets *sold* (sell) out within minutes.

*Caught* (catch) in the rain, we looked for shelter immediately.

I have a list of tasks to be *completed* (complete) by the end of the week.

He gave an *exciting* (excite) performance that energized the crowd.

The *abandoned* (abandon) warehouse was used as a movie set.

The book, *written* (write) by a famous author, was a bestseller.

*Inspired* (inspire) by her words, he decided to take action.

The food, *cooked* (cook) by the chef, was delicious.

His actions, *driven* (drive) by passion, sometimes led to impulsive decisions.

*Surrounded* (surround) by mountains, the town had breathtaking views.

The *exhausted* (exhaust) athlete collapsed at the finish line.

There were several trees *uprooted* (uproot) during the hurricane.

*Overwhelmed* (overwhelm) by the workload, she asked for help.




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