Wish/if only 用英语语法

Wish/If Only 用英语语法 in English Grammar

在英语语法中,”wish”(希望)和”if only”(要是…就好了)是表达遗憾、不满或虚拟假设的常用句式。通过使用这两个词组,我们可以表达对现实的不满,并希望事情是不同的。

1. 表达对现在或过去的遗憾

“Wish”和”if only”可以用来表达对现在或过去情况的遗憾。当我们希望现在或过去的情况是不同的,我们可以通过以下方式构建句子:

现在时:subject + wish/if only + 过去式动词


– I wish I had more time to study.

– If only I didn’t miss the bus this morning.

过去时:subject + wish/if only + 过去完成时动词


– She wished she had studied harder for the exam.

– If only I hadn’t said those mean things.


2. 表达对现在或将来的不满

“Wish”和”if only”还可以用来表达对现在或将来情况的不满。当我们希望现在或将来的情况是不同的,我们可以通过以下方式构建句子:

现在时:subject + wish/if only + 过去式动词


– I wish it wasn’t so hot today.

– If only I didn’t have to work this weekend.

将来时:subject + wish/if only + would + 动词原形


– I wish you would stop interrupting me.

– If only they would arrive on time.

注意:在这些句子中,我们使用了过去时或 would + 动词原形的形式来表示对现在或将来情况的不满。

3. 表达虚拟假设

“Wish”和”if only”也可以用来表达关于虚拟假设的句子。当我们想表达对现实的想象、愿望或建议时,我们可以通过以下方式构建句子:

过去时虚拟假设:subject + wish/if only + 过去完成时动词


– I wish I had a million dollars.

– If only I had listened to my parents.

将来时虚拟假设:subject + wish/if only + 过去完成时动词


– I wish I could travel the world.

– If only they would invite me to their party.


4. wish/if only 后接从句

除了直接接动词形式,”wish”和”if only”还可以接从句来表达更复杂的含义。当我们希望某种情况不同于现实时,我们可以使用以下结构:

subject + wish/if only + that + 从句


– I wish (that) I could speak fluent French.

– If only (that) I knew how to swim.

这种结构可以用来表达更具体的愿望或错误的假设。使用”wish”和”if only”加上从句,我们可以描述更复杂的情景,并表达我们的愿望。


“Wish”和”if only”是英语语法中常用的表达对现实的不满、遗憾或虚拟假设的方式。通过使用这两个词组,我们可以表达希望事情是不同的,以及对现有情况的不满。


– I wish I could turn back time and change my decision.

– If only I were taller, I could reach the top shelf.

– I wish (that) I hadn’t eaten so much before the race.

– If only (that) it would stop raining, we could go for a walk.

– I wish he would stop talking and listen to me.

– If only I had studied more, I would have passed the exam.

– I wish (that) we could go on vacation together next month.

– If only (that) I had known about the sale, I would have bought more.

通过熟悉”wish”和”if only”的用法,我们可以更准确地表达我们的想法和愿望,以及对现实的不满。



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