Zero Conditional 英语语法练习

在英语语法学习中,零条件句(Zero Conditional)是基础也是重要的组成部分。零条件句通常用来表达普遍真理、科学事实或者习惯性动作。它的结构通常为“If + 现在时, 现在时”,例如:“If you heat ice, it melts。”通过零条件句的练习,学习者可以更好地理解和掌握这类条件句的用法。



If you mix red and blue, you get *purple* (color).

When water reaches 100 degrees Celsius, it *boils* (verb).

If you cut onions, you often *cry* (reaction).

People *die* (certainty) if they don’t breathe.

Ice *melts* (reaction) if you heat it up.

Cats *chase* (activity) mice when they see them.

When you drop an apple, it *falls* (motion) to the ground.

If plants don’t get water, they *wither* (result).

Babies *cry* (action) when they are hungry.

If it rains, the grass *gets* (becomes) wet.

When you press a doorbell, it *rings* (sound).

If you don’t water flowers, they *die* (consequence).

Cars *stop* (motion) when the light turns red.

When ammonia and bleach mix, they create a *dangerous* (adjective) gas.

If you cool water to 0 degrees Celsius, it *freezes* (change).


If you touch a fire, it *burns* (reaction).

Water *evaporates* (change) when it’s heated.

When you ring a bell, it makes a *sound* (noun).

Birds *fly* (action) south for the winter.

If humans go too long without sleep, they become *tired* (condition).

When you mix sugar in tea, it *dissolves* (reaction).

Your shadow *appears* (action) if you stand in the sunlight.

If it is summer, the days are usually *longer* (duration).

When iron is exposed to moisture, it *rusts* (change).

If you press on your skin, it *turns* (reaction) white for a moment.

When you breathe in oxygen, your lungs *expand* (movement).

If the soil is dry, plants *struggle* (growth) to grow.

Electronic devices *function* (operation) when they are plugged in.

When a sponge is squeezed, water *comes* (movement) out.

If there is a thunderstorm, dogs often *get* (reaction) scared.




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