Word Order 英语语法练习

掌握正确的英语语序对于学习英语的学生来说至关重要。语序不仅关系到句子的流畅与否,也是英语句法的基础。在英语中,基本的语序是主语 (Subject) + 谓语 (Verb) + 宾语 (Object),简称为SVo。通过语序练习,可以帮助学生们更好地理解和运用这一规则,从而提高英语写作和口语的能力。



She *drinks* (常态) coffee every morning.

*Cats* (主语) like to chase mice.

They *study* (行为) English at the language school.

My brother *drives* (动词) to work every day.

The kids *are playing* (进行时) in the garden now.

I *have* (助动词) never been to Paris.

*Does* (疑问词) he know the answer?

What *did* (过去式) you do last weekend?

She can *speak* (能力) three languages fluently.

The sun *rises* (自然现象) in the east.

They *were watching* (过去进行时) TV when I called.

How many books *has* (完美时态) she written?

He always *does* (频率副词) his homework on time.

The teacher *is going to* (将来时) discuss the test tomorrow.

*Have* (情态动词) you ever seen a shooting star?


Under the bed, the cat *is sleeping* (位置强调) peacefully.

Only when it’s raining *does* (倒装) she take the bus.

*Rarely* (频率副词倒装) do I eat fast food.

On the table *is* (位置强调) a vase full of flowers.

Not only *is* (并列句倒装) he smart, but he’s also very kind.

Nowhere *can* (倒装) you find such delicious cakes.

Hardly *had* (倒装) he arrived when the meeting started.

No sooner *had* (倒装) I reached home than it started to rain.

After the party *was* (时间强调) when she realized she lost her ring.

*Should* (条件句倒装) you need any help, please let me know.

In no way *can* (倒装) this be considered a failure.

*Does* (强调句倒装) he really think he can win?

*So* (结果状语) funny was the movie that we couldn’t stop laughing.

*Never* (否定词倒装) have I seen such a beautiful sunset.

Seldom *do* (频率副词倒装) we realize the importance of health until it’s gone.




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