Wish/if only 英语语法练习

在学习英语的过程中,掌握”Wish/if only”的用法是非常重要的。这一结构常用于表示对现状的不满,或者对过去某事情本可不同但实际没发生的遗憾。通过这两个结构,我们可以构建出假设性或虚拟条件句,表达出一种愿望或是无法实现的假设。为了帮助学习者更好地掌握这一点,本文将提供一系列练习题,帮助你在实际语境中熟悉并运用”Wish/if only”。

这些练习题将针对不同时间状态下的”Wish/if only”结构使用方法进行设计。无论是对现在情况的假设、对过去的反思,还是对将来的期望,这些练习都将涉及。通过反复的填空练习,可以加深理解并提高掌握程度。请认真做题,并尝试构建自己的句子,以更好地应用”Wish/if only”结构。

练习一:对现状的愿望(Wishes about the present)

I *wish* (verb) I weren’t so busy all the time.

If only I *had* (past tense) more time to travel.

I *wish* (verb) he understood why I can’t come to the party.

She wishes she *could* (modal verb) speak French fluently.

We *wish* (verb) it weren’t raining right now.

If only I *knew* (past tense) how to solve this problem.

They wish they *lived* (past tense) closer to their family.

He wishes he *had* (past tense) a faster computer.

If only the weather *were* (subjunctive) better for our picnic.

I wish I *didn’t have* (negative past) to work overtime this weekend.

If only I *could* (modal verb) afford a new car right now.

She wishes her friends *were* (subjunctive) more supportive.

We *wish* (verb) we understood what’s wrong with the machine.

He wishes he *could* (modal verb) go back in time and fix his mistakes.

If only I *felt* (past tense) more confident in my abilities.

练习二:对过去的遗憾(Regrets about the past)

I wish I *had studied* (past perfect) harder for the exam.

If only I *had taken* (past perfect) the opportunity when I had the chance.

She wishes she *hadn’t spent* (negative past perfect) so much money last month.

He wishes he *had asked* (past perfect) her out when he had the chance.

If only we *hadn’t missed* (negative past perfect) the last train home.

I wish I *had seen* (past perfect) the warning signs earlier.

She wishes she *could have gone* (modal past perfect) to the concert with us.

They wish they *had known* (past perfect) about the change in plans.

He wishes he *hadn’t lost* (negative past perfect) his temper during the meeting.

If only I *had been* (past perfect) more patient with my team.

She wishes she *had arrived* (past perfect) on time for the interview.

They wish they *had learned* (past perfect) to play the piano as children.

If only we *had saved* (past perfect) more money for the trip.

He wishes he *could have been* (modal past perfect) there for his friend’s wedding.

They wish they *hadn’t forgotten* (negative past perfect) their anniversary.




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