Top 50 English Verbs 英语语法练习




She always *eats* (consume) breakfast at 7 a.m.

Mark *studies* (learn) for his exams every weekend.

They *have* (possess) a beautiful house in the countryside.

I *am* (be) planning to travel to Paris next year.

We *go* (visit) to the gym together every Friday.

She *is* (be) feeling much better after taking the medicine.

The sun *rises* (ascend) in the east and sets in the west.

You *must* (need) wear a seatbelt while driving.

He *saw* (perceive) a deer while hiking in the forest.

They *do* (perform) their homework as soon as they arrive home.

Jason *is* (be) meeting his friends at the mall tonight.

Can you *open* (access) the window? It’s quite warm in here.

The birds *fly* (soar) south for the winter.

You *should* (ought) study more if you want to pass the test.

She *loves* (adore) going to the beach during summer.


I *play* (engage) football with my friends every Saturday.

She *has* (possess) to finish her project by next Monday.

They *will* (future) arrive at 10 o’clock sharp.

We *are* (be) thinking about moving to a new city.

The children *like* (enjoy) going to the zoo on weekends.

My phone *is* (be) not working; I need to get it repaired.

She *knows* (understand) three languages fluently.

Can I *have* (receive) a glass of water, please?

You *must* (need) return the book before the library closes.

He *drives* (operate) to work every day since it’s quite far.

Maria *is* (be) baking cookies for the school bake sale.

If you *want* (desire) to succeed, you must work hard.

We *can* (ability) see the stars clearly tonight.

The teacher *said* (tell) the students to be quiet during the test.

They *are* (be) planning a surprise party for her birthday.




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